Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

released on May 28, 2019

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Outer Wilds

released on May 28, 2019

The newest member of the space program in a small village on the planet Timber Hearth, the player navigates a space shuttle and travels across their solar system to get to the bottom of its mysteries by exploring the cosmos and gathering the knowledge hidden within each of the system's planets, left behind by another civilization in the distant past.

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more than enough has been said about how fantastically this game creates a naturally intriguing and immersive environment, but the soundtrack is usually not given the same praise

spoilers 'n shit

for a video game about space, the outer wilds soundtrack is anything but empty. it's dense, packed with emotion, and designed to spark curiosity. from the dwindling desperate theme found in "travelers" to the overwhelming and hopeful "into the wilds," each track is as unforgettable as the next. the first time stepping foot into the sun station, returning the warp core to the vessel, and finally getting to hear the travelers play their tune one last time. each of my most memorable experiences from this game was accompanied by an equally memorable musical experience.

this soundtrack will probably mean nothing to someone who has never played outer wilds, but to me, this soundtrack is everything. it's getting to experience jumping through a black hole and seeing what's on the other side. it's being engulfed by an ever-expanding dying star's final wish. it's uncovering the fatal mistakes of a lost civilization. it's discovering an alien's favorite instrument... it's curiosity in its most expressive form...

Fucking fantastic. 5/5 in every single aspect.

It is actually a perfect game.

Unreal how this can be played within a week and I already know it will stick with me for years. It just makes me really happy and I sincerely want to thank the devs for bringing this nothing short of perfect masterpiece into my life and allowing me to experience it.

It's a perfect gem. If you haven't played this yet, stop reading or gathering information and play it yourself!

still my favorite game from 2019 and absolutely at least top 10 all time!!