Outer Wilds

released on May 28, 2019

Outer Wilds is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. The newest member of the space program in a small village on the planet Timber Hearth, the player navigates a space shuttle and travels across their solar system to get to the bottom of its mysteries by exploring the cosmos and gathering the knowledge hidden within each of the system's planets, left behind by another civilization in the distant past.

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One of the most incredible experiences.

Fuck, what an amazing game.
In the same way you can't re-discover how to solve a jigsaw puzzle for the second time, you can't go back and re-discover the amazing world(s) of Outer Wilds and what makes it so special. You can only play it once.
A game where the only barrier to entry is your own curiosity. A beautiful experience.

It's a meme at this point, but for me outer wilds is as perfect of a game as it gets. A game you can really only play once, where the main motivator for playing it and progress you accrue being the knowledge you gather. There is little to nothing like Outer Wilds and I enjoyed every second I played this game from beginning to end.

This review contains spoilers

Cozy, exciting, and mysterious all in one. Great storyline with a touch of humour and existential dread. The Nomai are great, the planets are cool, the mechanics are done well. Only complaint is dark bramble, that planet was a pain. Was a little frustrating to navigate through and find stuff while trying not to die in. The time loop system of this game was amazing and the first time I've ever encountered a game like that.
My understanding of the story is that the eye is the maker of universes, and that it needs to first be observed to make a new universe, and this was our mission that we didn't know was our mission. Even if we died and the entire universe along with us, we still gave life to the possibility of a future.

I certainly regret watching someone (Materwelonz, for that matter, great story-oriented Let's Player) play it first, although that did not decrease any of the enjoyment value playing the base game (nor let me remember how to solve the ultimate puzzle, which because I watched a playthrough first made much harder since I had preconceptions that were much simpler to discern). Outer Wilds is a game that will remain one of the greatest of its medium, and I am especially grateful to experience the wonder of exploring its spectacular world, emotionally gripping (and depressing, while hopeful) story with its emergent gameplay, and some awful flying because I am bad. This is absolutely a game to write many, many more words upon (in a better setting than a review site with teeny boxes to fit them into), but for now, Outer Wilds is beyond exceptional and is easily one of the best games I have ever played.