Photos with Mario, known in Japan as Photo Together with Super Mario (Japanese: いっしょにフォト スーパーマリオ Issho ni Foto Sūpā Mario) is a free photography-based application released on the Nintendo 3DS, allowing players to take pictures of various Mario characters. It is the Nintendo 3DS's first entirely Mario-centered application and was developed by the same teams behind Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario 3D Land. The application requires 65 blocks of space to download and is compatible with special Mario-themed AR cards

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it's a cute lil game that serves its purpose well. i like the individual animations. the only downside is that you've gotta go out of your way to buy these ar cards and the novelty wears off quickly.

this is pretty good for when people ask me for photos in all those dating sites

my only memory of this game is taking a picture of Luigi on the toilet.