Project Wingman

Project Wingman

released on Dec 01, 2020

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Project Wingman

released on Dec 01, 2020

Project Wingman is an independently developed combat flight action game to be released on PC with an emphasis on fun and refined gameplay, true-to-its-roots inspirations, and an engaging single player experience.

Perfect for those who aren't looking for a simulator experience with the ease of pick up and play, all the way to those who want a fast-paced challenging flight action game.

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Surprisingly great for a fanmade Ace Combat. If I didn't know the title and someone told me it was an actual Ace Combat game I'd believe it right away. The gameplay and visuals are practically the same as Ace Combat 7, but with some minor differences like guns being a tad more effective in Wingman. The soundtrack is weaker than the average AC OST but there's still some standout tracks and it's fitting across the board. The story and dialogue do a solid job of emulating AC's endearingly cheesy writing and ability to make the player feel like a bigshot. The indie scope of the project caused it to not have any actual cutscenes but there are still plenty of cool moments that happen mid-mission, particularly with the final boss fight. I do have some small gripes with the presentation, namely the screen getting way too cluttered in certain missions and bossfights because of all the explosions, post-processing effects and railguns going on as well as several typos in the subtitles and voice lines that don't match said subtitles either. I have mixed feelings on the developer's decision to not include checkpoints because while it does make the missions more intense and promote more careful play, the game crashed multiple times for me and I had to restart missions from scratch which was really annoying. My final thought on it would be that while the game was clearly made with a lot of love for AC and it does a fantastic job of emulating the series, it ends up not really having much of it's own identity. It's certainly enjoyable as an Ace Combat game, it's just a shame they didn't use its nature as a distinct IP to try more original ideas.

el sucesor espiritual de ace combat zero, hasta la música esta al mismo nivel super infravalorado

its basically another ace combat

the story is kinda bad mostly because being a mercenary who doesnt care about the war really doesnt make you have any feelings about it, and the biggest thing ace combat stories (except 3) had going for them is keeping you excited about doing whatevers next

the game looks and sounds great and moves like ace combat 4/5/0, which is great too but not really anything new.
really the new cool thing this game has going for it is a replacement of the flares you get with the last few fighter jets that lets you do crazy twists, but for some reason its locked most of the game (its crazy op but come on make smarter missiles)

the over the clouds battle with a lot of other fighters is a great mission tho (and could be better if you didnt have 500 allies)
but i guess ac zero already did that? whatever its a fun game :)

An arcade combat flight simulator very similar to the Ace Combat series but made by significantly less people for less money while still managing to be as good as those games and selling for half the cost. It looks great, the stages are varied, you have a good variety of planes with two seaters even given you another person with you who chimes in with the regular chatter. It controls well, tends to have a better cockpit view than the Ace Combat games if that is your proffered playmode. Has a pretty strong soundtrack, entertaining allies, gameplay modifiers to turn on in the campaign, and a separate mode where you choose missions while being able to hire ally pilots to fight with you

Problems tend to be the same thing any game in this genre suffers from. Fights against aces are just terrible as they do impossible nonsense maneuvers while constantly firing at you while still being no real threat on the lower difficulties. Larger planes and naval units with multiple areas to target need to destroy every weapon hardpoint they have before you can blow them up. Exclusive to this game is that there are no saves or checkpoints in missions, which is really no issue on the easier settings but it is pretty annoying when some in game event happens that prevent you from being able to see and then starts back up with you having no way to avoid crashing. The conquest mode where you can hire some allies is a nice idea but pretty barebones and your ally units are the usual unimpressive teammates you get in these games but with no personality. The ending to the campaign is also pretty ridiculous and mechanically dull.

Even if it wasn't being sold for such a low price, I'd still highly recommend it for fans of arcade combat flight sims. The problems are rarely issues, and I suppose matter less depending on your loadout and plane and are outweighed by the positives. And that's if they don't continue development in a way that further improves the game.

Having no VR headset I don't know how well that option works.


good thing that orange is my favorite color