Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

released on Nov 08, 2013

Project Zomboid

released on Nov 08, 2013

Project Zomboid is the ultimate in zombie survival. Alone or in MP: you loot, build, craft, fight, farm and fish in a struggle to survive. A hardcore RPG skillset, a vast map, a massively customisable sandbox and a cute tutorial raccoon await the unwary. So how will you die?

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Project Zomboid is another spin on the survival crafting genre of game. Zomboid is different by its sheer depth and variety, as well as the game's clearly stated, 'you will die; it's only a matter of when' gameplay loop.

In Zomboid you start in a random spawn on one of four maps to choose from. You begin with nothing. It is up to you to find supplies and shelter to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. When the game starts it is in the near-immediate aftermath of an apocalyptic event in which most of the human race has been turned into zombies. Some new illness yada yada, it's the same old same. PZ has a really interesting set of gameplay mechanics that keep it form being the same old same, though.

So in the first days, electricity is still running. Lights and TVs work. Water runs. Electronics charge. But as the days go by the power plants fail. As do these amenities. Do you have gas? A gas powered generator? If not, bye bye powered items. In the early days, some cars might run with ease. Wait too long and they'll be damaged and gas gone bad. You can repair 'em, if you know how. Otherwise you'll need to find books to read up on and learn your mechanics skills.

You can grow food, but you have to learn about crop rotation and soil quality. Don't forget to water them! Life is hard in the apocalypse. And it never gets any easier. As more and more time goes by the world around you degrades. Your needs grow. Medicine is more and more scant for any nasty sniffles or ouchies befall you. And oh yeah. There are zombies.

Slow walking, droning, brains hungry zombies. If you get bit, or come into contact with enough zombie blood, you become one. Keeping bleach and bandages on hand to quickly douse yourself and patch up after a bite may save you. The zombies are attracted to lights, sound and blood. They don't see too good but they can hear you. They can smell the blood of other dead zombies, meaning you'll need to burn the bodies of those you slay, lest you lead them to your quarters. But that requires resources too.

At every step you'll be confronted with a new challenge. And they don't relent. Every reprieve you gain is a brief respite. And it is existential the entire time. Running out of food is just as much of a threat to end your run as the zombies themselves are. Everything in Zomboid is going to be a struggle. And even when it feels trivial and mundane to chop your way through hordes of zombies, any small slip up can and will end your run.

Zomboid is slow. It's focused. But the RNG in loot for the maps and spawn placement can marry a frantic state of mind with a slowpace of game in a way that when it works is charming and engaging like few other video games. But when it doesn't, Zomboid can feel a bit flat. Sometimes starting up and just getting onto your feet can feel unfair in a way that is clearly part of the game's design but also detracts a bit from the experience as you can feel on the verge of gameover not too long after you've started. But that's the other thing about Zomboid, it's concept of time.

Because everything takes a little while, the 'early' part of the game is often something hard to even make it out of. The early start of the game where you're finding food reserves and water and medicine is actually quite long. Some of that is the point. Surviving in the apocalypse is hard and feels like it. But endlessly foraging can get taxing for the player. And in this stage it's very easy to die at any turn, which of course starts the clock over again with a new character. Once you do manage to escape it the game changes but only a little.

You'll still be foraging. Now rain water and crops might be able to keep you alive for quite a bit. But you'll still be searching for medicines, vitamins and car parts. Gas for your generator(s). And because of the risk of attracting zombies via gun shot, you'll need to still be melee fighting most of them. Which is always dangerous. But you will spend more days at home. Farming, reading, cooking. You'll feel like you're thriving in the apocalypse. Until you die.

And you will die. And when you do it'll be wholly unceremonious. You'll get so used to fighting twenty zombies at once that this time you try to fight twenty-one and realize it was just too much. Your finger will slip on the mouse or off of a key and you'll get bitten. You'll forget to rotate your crops right and disease will render too may of the inedible. Or they'll make you sick. A lack of medicine or an inability to find edible foods out in the city and it's just a matter of time. You'll scramble about the map as your status indicators get redder and more urgent. Popping up more frequently. It's only a matter of time. And you know it. And you know you probably can't stop it. You are going to die.

And that's just it. There's no winning Project Zomboid. Sure there are some ultra power players that have trawled the forums and game code for all the shortcuts and enhancements. Figured out the best way to build fortresses. They live like veritable virtual kings of the end times. But they too, will die. You all will. That's the point of Project Zomboid. Even if they've 'solved' the game there's no shiny game over win screen and a high score. Keep playing every day and it'll come. You will die. If you decide you've 'beaten' Project Zomboid because your character is so long lived now with so many stockpiled resources, your hubris is getting the better of you. You haven't won. You've simply elected to stop playing before the game can kill you.

Because it will. There is no way out. There is no victory. You play until your character dies. You will consume every resource. Some bad luck or unfortunate turn will befall you. You can't outrun death. You can't withstand the neverending horde of zombies that will continue time immemorial. And that's the point of Project Zomboid. And it's what makes the game fun and frustrating in equal measure. The first time you manage to get a character that lives long enough to fix cars, dismantle buildings and farm an entire plantation you will feel like you're unstoppable. And then you'll get bitten by a zombie you couldn't see coming from around a janky corner of a hallway in an abandoned school while you were looking for antibiotics in the nurse's office. And you will die. Just like that. You run over. The game ended. Remorseless and cold with no sense of achievement.

That's Project Zomboid. It's slow, plodding, boring at times, terrifying and existential. It's a game about trying not to die where the only outcome is that you will, definitely, die.

honestly i just love exploring this world and getting into the atmosphere (with the soundtrack muted cuz i hate it). The actual gameplay outside of bashing zombies is pretty passe survival crafting stuff. The thing that will keep you playing is the dopamine drip of looting, exploring and combat.

I love this game but I’m trash at it

One of the definitive zombie games, truly makes you feel like a nobody just trying to get by. The customization the vanilla game offers is one of the most intricate and extensive I’ve ever seen in a video games. There is a bit of a learning curve and the devs work at a glacial pace, but if you’re at all interested in zombies it’s a must buy

Very enjoyable game. Better with friends.

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