Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood

released on Apr 12, 2023

Slash and survive a typical workday as Dracula's overworked and underappreciated servant! You'll have a bloody good time as you rampage through New Orleans to find fresh victims for your narcissistic boss.

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I genuinely appreciate any movie tie in game at this point, especially when it's a good clone and not complete garbage.

Renfield was a movie that I had really no interest in until seeing that the director of the film also directed some of the best episodes of the Adult Swim show Moral Orel which is one of my favorite shows ever. To make a long story short it’s a fun gory time and I’m glad I watched it, then I found out that this movie had a weird as fuck movie tie-in game; and I just had to play it. Whenever a new movie releases a tie-in game it’s always a special experience regardless since so many movies don’t bother with them anymore, we’ve gone from having a tie-in game to almost every movie in the first phase of the MCU to having almost none besides the higher quality AAA shit. So when movies like Space Jam 2 bother to go out of their way to make a crappy tie-in game for their crappy movie I get hyped (ngl I love for this shit man).

Anyways the game itself is basically a beat for beat clone of Vampire Survivors just with levels with actual design and sprites that move. Pretty much everything else is just a carryover from Vampire Survivors; so if you liked Vampire Survivors I’m sure you’ll like this. Personally I don’t really care for Vampire Survivors, I think having the whole game just being a grind and besides lore it doesn't have a lot to offer me something I’d play over and over again. With Renfield it’s not really all that different and I honestly find it boring after 30 minutes but the sprite work and music kept me around longer than Vampire Survivors did so I guess that’s something. I liked it about as much as I liked the movie; pretty good.

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While I am already over Vampire Survivor clones, I'll take a thousand of them if it means we get bad tie-in games again. As licensed titles go, this is pretty bad. There are no voice lines or really anything too connected to the movie. But the movie's pretty bad, so at least this is better than the film.

Omg a movie tie in game AND a Vampire Survivors-clone.
Numbers don't go up like in Vampire Survivors, but and you can throw a plague rat to do poison damage and collect bugs for exp so that's pretty cool.
It's also an early access game? So maybe wait to see if there's any quality updates.. like iunno, attacks not relying on where the character is facing.
Pretty decent game though.