Return of the Obra Dinn

released on Oct 18, 2018

In this 1-bit first-person mystery game, a merchant ship called the Obra Dinn has appeared at a London harbor, years after being declared lost at sea. As an insurance adjuster, the player must examine the ship for clues.

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really cool mystery game with fantastic music that stumbles a bit in the last like 10% where it felt like I had to pick blindly rather than making educated guesses

Lucas Pope's name deserves to be spoken in the same breath as some of the all-time great gaming auteurs. Where as PAPERS, PLEASE was a seamless mix of focus-driven gameplay and moral dilemmas, OBRA DIN still calls for the same high level of attention to detail while also pushing you to think outside the box to assemble it's thrilling narrative on your own.
What I really enjoyed was how even though you're experiencing a story in reverse order, the events still scale in a way that will make you say "Holy SHIT" whether you think about them backwards or forwards. Every stunning new chapter is filled with intrigue, horror, and drama. There are creature concepts in this game that truly freaked me out. It's all driven by a gameplay loop that is as satisfying to untangle as undoing a complicated knot: Every successful tug gets you one step closer to the end.
The graphical style is obviously worthy of praise, but I gotta just say for myself that this fucked with my eyes at times. Playing this for an hour-long session, and then shutting off my Switch, seemed to shift my perception of "blue hues" into overdrive. Play this one in small doses folks, and play with the offered color selections to figure out which style is most comfortable. Your eyeballs will thank you.

Obra sensacional, uma experiência única e desafiadora, que faz você dar valor a cada palavra, som, ângulo e que se torna mais prazerosa e díficil a cada 3 soluções certas

Lucas Pope... Preciso falar mais? Obra Dinn é uma coisa assim, que nem da pra argumentar ou tentar falar sobre, é tão bom que é isso. A mecânica de vc desvendar os mistérios é muito daoraa, trilha sonora pft, os gráficos são essa bela loucura, e os mistérios de morte são únicos é muito divertidos.

the fucking pinnacle of the video games

So good I want it to become a genre. If I ever read anything say "Obra Dinn-like" I instantly buy the game.