Shrek the Third

released on May 15, 2007

An action video game based from the third installment of the Shrek movie series.

The Frog King has died and Shrek has inherited the throne. Since Shrek's not a big fan of this idea, he and his friends journey to the Worcestershire academy to recruit Fiona's cousin, Artie, for the job. Unfortunately, while he's away the dastardly Prince Charming has big plans to take over the kingdom.

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I played this years back on the Wii because my brother got it on the birthday when I got Super Mario Galaxy
Mindless 3D Brawler but it controls well for what it is and its short. A solid Shrek game, not as great as Shrek 2 and Super Slam though.

As bad as this game is, it's still way better than the movie.

Ben Shrek serisini pek sevmem oyun olarak söylüyorum genellikle çıktığı yılın oyunlarına göre hep geride kalmış bir seri bu yüzden Shrek serisini pek sevmem Shrek the Third bunlardan biri

This review contains spoilers

This game makes me want to watch the film instead. The Story is the same as the film, but with more events for gameplay, that's an ok idea, since the film was not good, that takes away from what this could be. The Voice acting is good at sounding like the characters, but some don't even act well through their impersonations, The Graphics are bad, they feel so lifeless and not that well-made, even for stand-alone models, and animations look like their missing frames all the time, it's not smooth when characters move fast. The gameplay is terrible combat controls normally, but it's very bland compared to others, despite how often you do it, except for when you notice the stupid stuff, like when Sleeping beauty (unarmed) beat up 4 guards (armed with swords), that's the kind of "it's a game, just play it" quality you can expect from this game. Music is also bad, boring and not memorable in any way. Shrek the third is a game to remind us 1 of many reasons to care about quality in videogames, course without it, we end up with more of this.