Skeleton Boomerang

released on Aug 01, 2017

Skeleton Boomerang is a platformer where the hero, Hunter, must use an enchanted boomerang to put an end to an army of bony soldiers led by the voodoo master Mr. Saturday. Get high scores, collect upgrades, find secrets, and overcome many skeletal challenges!

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The soundtrack is good yeah, but it's a real shame that that's the only thing I see talked about when this game is mentioned.
Graphically, I think this game looks very good. There's not really much I can say on this topic but everything is clear, the pixel art is clean, and I never felt overwhelmed by the visuals.
The actual gameplay is exquisite, being easy to learn and hard to master. Comboing enemies together using your 'rang can be very satisfying, and rolling through levels in time trials is equally so. These inherently fun elements are amplified by wonderful level design, in both normal and hard mode. On the topic of hard mode, it turns what's normally a fairly average to easy game (except for the difficulty spike near the end) to a game genuinely deserving of being called "hard".
I don't think I can really explain how good the gameplay is because like I said, it's that category of simple with a lot of depth to it. I will say though, I'd recommend this game to anyone who's a fan of platformers.

Skeleton Boomerang is hands down one of my personal favorite games of all time. The stage designs are really well done and the controls are very smooth. Also, the game has a fantastic soundtrack. The new ReVamped updates brings a lot of QOL additions that make the game so much nicer to play, including widescreen, updated graphics, and time trials. The games hard mode is definitely a challenge, but it’s a fun challenge. If you enjoy platformer games at all, I’d definitely recommend you play this game.

Soundtrack bumps this game up an entire star for me. The gameplay's not necessarily anything to write home about, but that soundtrack WILL blow your ears into another dimension.

turn the volume this shit SLAPS

soundtrack is so fucking good dude