Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess

released on Oct 23, 2023

Slay the Princess

released on Oct 23, 2023

You're here to slay the princess. Don't believe her lies. Slay the Princess is a choice-driven psychological horror visual novel/dating sim with dramatic branching, light RPG elements, and hand-penciled art.

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Tocara rejugarlo cuando saquen la expansion, pero menudo juegazo

This review contains spoilers

didn't touch me as much i wanted it to, looked forward to enjoying it (on solid recommendations) but story felt overdramatized — themes were good but characters/story didn't hit.

most important takeaway from this game is that we should normalise women getting Real Messed Up, as a treat

I'm sorry, you can't simply make a visual novel this good. I hate visual novels, why do you force me to write such good things about a visual novel!? Imagine my reputation! And yet, look at this.
This is one of, if not the best story a game has ever told me. The atmosphere is different for every route you take, and it never becomes stale, or bad, or anything like that.
Your choices matter? They absolutely do! This ain't Life is Strange!
It's the type of experience that will stick with you for weeks after finishing it.

Another game I finished in one day. Shorter than I expected, though the game expects you to replay it multiple times to get your moneys worth.

Wack story, I enjoyed playing the game a lot even though I tend to dislike visual novels. Art style is great. There are a few other nice surprises in here too.

Una experiencia narrativa muy interesante.
Salta al plottwist y el tiburón demasiado "pronto" pero tiene una resolución muy satisfactoria, haciendo cosas que, si bien son típicas ya en el subénero de VNs metaliterarias, "Slay the Princess" logra hacer muy bien.