Smile For Me

released on May 31, 2019

A heartbroken clown, wayward souls, and juicy mechanical lips. As “The Big Event" draws near, help the troubled residents of the Habitat and de-mask the mysterious Doctor Habit... before it's too late.

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Um jogo de puzzle bem diferente com uma temática misteriosa e suspense. A forma como os puzzles são resolvidas é envolvente e os personagens são bem carismáticos. A arte do jogo ajuda nesse aspecto, vale muito a pena!

One of my favourite puzzle games ever

i am so in love with this game. and the bodacious babes within.

I got this on a bundle and had no idea what it was. Went in 100% blind and LOVED IT.
Questionette is my favorite.

the horror game before everything went wrong...