Sort the Court!

released on Jan 01, 2016

Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow!

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simple yet fun and charming. i just love seeing all these different characters that come in every now and then, some changing over time. though you don't get to see all of it, you can still really tell how things change through how the characters you meet do over time.

A decent and short indie game, worth at least one playthrough.
You can choose to be a king or queen, people come to you and you answer their requests with a yes or a no. This can result in various things like the population, happiness, and treasury you have increase or decrease.
The order in which people come to you each day is random, so the game can be a lot shorter or longer because of that.
You finish the game by expanding the city enough to where you get an invite and join the so-called ''Council of Crowns''
You could continue after that, but you'll have done pretty much everything by that point, and from then on just be watching numbers grow.

Really cute art, kinda mind numbing towards the end but not really a waste of time whatsoever.

cute idea, flawed execution, fun way to spend an evening

It's a really nice, relaxing experience; really short one too

A fun game! I like playing this in my spare time.