released on Mar 23, 2023

With Storyteller you are the one writing the stories! Start with a title, characters and settings and create your own twist on stories familiar and new.

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Может быть у кого в детстве была такая коробочка с разными по форме дырками, куда нужно просунуть подходящую под неё фигуру?
Короче, вся игра - это вот такая игрушка, только тематическая и имеет чуть больше форм.

Идея крутая, но игра попросту не даёт пространства для собственных решений. Берите только по скидке.

Es una pena que un planteamiento tan bueno y en el que se nota tanto cariño se quede en nada por unos puzzles tan simples y repetitivos.

P.D. En móvil se juega de lujo.

Not a 100% (didn't even realise there were story stamps until the devil levels) but may return to sweep up. Really enjoyed this, cute and charming and don't care that it's short - I've played bloated games that aren't even half as engaging as this. Also one of my only ever mobile game experiences and I was impressed. Been wanting to download on Switch for a while, but realised it was available via Netflix and took the plunge. Encore!

Cute and unique puzzle game but it is a bit too easy, apart from the extra levels in the game, I had little to no issue figuring out the mass majority of the puzzles. It's worth picking up if that sounds interesting and have a bit of time to chill since it's super short.

"Storyteller" es un juego muy original, encantador, muy fácil de jugar y que consigue cautivar al jugador. Hay algunos guiños que harán sonreír tanto a jóvenes como a adultos. Sin embargo, no ofrece ningún reto ni tampoco hay un progreso en la dificultad, por lo que puede resultar monótono. Le falta un toque de variedad y de desafío para acabar de atrapar a su público.