Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

released on Aug 10, 2023

Murder. Gods. Romance. Band practice? Unravel the mystery of the Last Muse’s death in an interactive roleplaying musical where Greek gods live hidden among us. Use your newfound powers of musical persuasion to choose how this wry and moving saga will unfold. How will the curtain fall?

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This might be a bit of a niche game but I really loved it. Narratively I think they wrote a story that suited the genre of "Musical RPG" really well. The story was fun and engaging but didn't take itself too seriously. I found myself grinning and laughing - it almost felt like participating in the musical episode of Buffy or something. There are some big name voice actors in this and the acting did not disappoint. I thought the characters were very compelling and well designed. As far as criticisms - I do wish the art had been a little more fluid. The art style was beautiful but I think it needed some more frames to get across the flow of action better. There were also a couple of songs that didn't quite hit with me. But all in all I struggle to find things I didn't overall enjoy with this so it gets a high rating from me. I think it did what it was trying to do very well.

all in all a satisfying game with beautiful visuals and wonderful songs. far more choice than i expected what with the layout of the game, but being able to change the vibe of the song was so much fun. more choices than i thought would be possible as well, as i only really knew it was a roleplaying game via playing as grace and that you could romance certain characters.

honestly only have three complaints really, and they aren't enough to not recommend this game to people.

first off, the pc controls, as playing with mouse and keyboard, while not excrutiating, would often see my mouse jumping to the next confirmation button during certain screens, which was jarring. i feel a little more fine tuning with regards to the pc controls would be for the best.

next, you get to choose from one of three different "moods" for grace, both as her character and in songs. while i predominantly chose red or green, the blue options often felt the least fleshed out, or at least like there wasn't as much agency in there. it feels like blue was added to create less of a this or that type game, and while i'd rather its inclusion than cutting it , i feel a little more fine tuning could make the blue options really stand out.

my final complaint, honestly, would be with how little of the world we get to see. i think the story behind the story and the worldbuilding are just as interesting as the story we got, and while it's understandable that there wouldn't be as many idols as there once was, i wish we'd gotten to see a lot more greek gods and legends personified in this interesting world than we already did.

i recommend at least one playthrough, and don't be scared to redo a song if you don't like the outcome.

also, if you get to aphrodite's party, go red. even if you don't make that your canon choice, at least listen to the red song.

Binged this wonderful game in one day; if a musical choose-your-own adventure murder mystery themed around greek mythology seems at all interesting to you, you will love this game. I do plan to replay it again someday.

Apollo is hot, but i'm just so bored with the rest of the game in general

He disfrutado mucho de la ambientación, los personajes y la presentación de Stray Gods. Es ambicioso intentar hacer un musical con un sistema de decisiones. La cantidad de trabajo que implica hacer ya no solo canciones que funcionen cambiando sobre la marcha, sino que hilen con las decisiones anteriores de forma orgánica y natural, no es ninguna tontería.

Sí es cierto que quizá esperaba un poco más de las canciones en sí. Quitando algunas excepciones, las que he escuchado yo (sé que cambian según las decisiones y la personalidad de Grace) eran todas bastante similares en cuanto a tono, melodías y demás. Aún así, respeto mucho lo bien cuidadas que están.

Por lo demás, no hay mucho más que comentar. Es una visual novel sencilla basada 100% en diálogos. Los personajes son muy buenos (¡y las actuaciones también!) y la trama es interesante, aunque quizá algo predecible a ratos. En cualquier caso, merece mucho la pena probarlo.


I've really enjoyed the setting, characters and presentation of Stray Gods. It's ambitious to try to make a musical with a choice system. The amount of work involved not just in making songs that work by changing on the fly, but weaving them with your previous choices in an organic and natural way, it's nothing to scoff at.

It is true that perhaps I expected a bit more from the songs themselves. Aside from a few exceptions, most of the ones I've heard (I know they change depending on your choices and Grace's personality) were all pretty similar in terms of tone, melody and such. Still, I really appreciate how well done they are.

Beyond that, not much else to talk about. It's a simple visual novel that's 100% dialogue-based. The characters are very good (and so are the performances!) and the plot is interesting, although perhaps a bit predictable at times. In any case, it's definitely worth a try.

The sheer scope of the options presented during the musical portions is kind of wild