That Night, Steeped by Blood River

released on Nov 13, 2020

love invades every thought

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A exploration of some space coated in visual effects sharp enough to make many things incomprehensible. The effects and shaders from the chunky render resolution to exaggerated chromatic aberration and small worlds painted with moving textures. Some vague faint shapes of a casino, a school(?), and possible fates. The combined color reduction and resolution lowers, heightening or flattening any level of contrast. Some of these pieces can have a very pleasant angles, perfect to screenshot and share the aesthetic views. This is not the best game for those with issues involving eye strain.
Also of note is that this surprisingly isn't one to be considered a "pure" walking simulator, but having multiple states for having more than a single ending. Something one would expect for a much more spendy, sprawling project than this comparatively humble piece. It's not quite "The protagonist does/does not save the thing", but it does explain that additional element to this.

Proof that video games can be Art if they have good shaders 'n sweet tunes.

i don't know what it is it about this game, but it just grabbed me and didn't let go. Certain sections were confusing, but its unique style and complete rejection of following anything that even looks like a trope make it worth it to me.

I didn't hate it but there was something I couldn't figure out so I gave up. Kinda neat bits there though

This game is a neat little experience I can only recommend playing.
It's a walking sim with a focus on exploration and especially its avant-garde visuals that are primarily the product of very extreme shaders that are rich in variety.
Overall great product.