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released on Oct 01, 2015

A metafictional account of Davey Wreden, creator of the Stanley Parable (2013), who takes the player through the games of his old friend, Coda, while giving his commentary and interpretations of them, in order to understand why he makes the bizarre, often melancholic games that he makes, and decipher Coda's personality and inner struggles.

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Like walking into a Chuck E. Cheese, excited for a day of fun. Quickly realizing the games in this Chuck E. Cheese are actually bootleg parody "sad games" for some reason, but you already paid the Chuck E. Cheese entry fee so you try to get your money's worth. So as you approach the strange games like the Whac-A-Mole that's just holes or the ball pit that's just a pit a voice over the ceiling speakers goes "but why would Chuck do this". Bewildered, you exit the false Chuck E. Cheese and above the exit in bright curly neons are the words "Don't Be A Sociopath".

This is the sort of entirely up its own ass, much less profound than it thinks it is, but at least interesting enough to start a conversation sort of art we need to push the medium forward

É por experiências como essa que vale a pena jogar vídeo games

A really powerful story. Not perfect, but really worth trying.
★★★★ – Excellent ✅

It's really hard for me to put into words how mind blowing this game is, please play it if you haven't.

i mean, if you're looking for real gameplay, this isn't it, but if you want an immersive story experience, come on in. definitely something that makes you wanna rotate it in your brain for a while.