The Beginner's Guide

The Beginner's Guide

released on Oct 01, 2015

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The Beginner's Guide

released on Oct 01, 2015

A metafictional account of Davey Wreden, creator of the Stanley Parable (2013), who takes the player through the games of his old friend, Coda, while giving his commentary and interpretations of them, in order to understand why he makes the bizarre, often melancholic games that he makes, and decipher Coda's personality and inner struggles.

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I remember playing this, but there was something about it that pissed me off. And I can't remember what. 🤔

Pretentious masturbation with a few pretty set pieces

From the maker of the Stanley Parable comes a introspective game about the creative process, depression and game development. Not as varied or as expansive as the Stanley Parable, but just as if not more evocative.

Creative exploration of the psychologies of two video game developers, what it means to play games, make games and so much more. It felt like a real story until I did some research, but the fact that it isn't real and all the nuance and complexity added without me noticing on first play is just amazing.

The game didn't really work for me, as I wasn't consistently pulled along with Davey's narrative, and without spoiling anything, the conclusion made me laugh out loud instead of crying and reconsidering my perspective, because I was looking at the game through a different lens the whole time. Maybe I'm just a bad person, but (using the Enneagram here), I saw this as the average type 3 trying to understand a type 4. Being a type 4 myself, I was not impressed (; .

Sorry, Davey. Maybe I'm just a bad person.