In utter loneliness, miles below the surface, it is your task to... wait. For 400 days... in real-time.

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This came out during the covid lockdowns and what a blessing it was. Peak.

the only video game that I consider art

Looking back on it, the music makes me weirdly nostalgic now.
This is an idle puzzle game, which takes place over the course of 400 real life days.
It runs in the background.
It has good artwork, secrets, music, etc.
It requires a LOT of patience, and I am shit at puzzles but fortunately a Steam guide gave hints.
You should probably get it if you have patience and are good at puzzles (even if a lot of them aren't very intuitive at all).

...just a genuine masterpiece. It changed me, I can't think about it without feeling deeply. Drastic times call for drastic measures to make you play games completely differently, and this is one of the best.