To the Moon

released on Nov 01, 2011

Join Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts as they enter a patient named Johnny's mind on his death bed to grant his final request. Watch, interact, and change the past as Johnny's life unfolds before you and takes you on a magical journey inside one's head that asks the greatest question of all: "What if...?"
If you had the chance to relive your life, would you change things? Would you try to achieve some grand goal? Could you find love? Fame? Fortune? Or would you realize that sometimes the past is meant to stay the same. Join Dr. Rosalene and Watts on their journey and travel To The Moon.

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This seems like a pretty split game; most people are either in the camp that it's fantastic and an example of some of the most emotionally investing writing in the medium, some think it's really boring and un-noteworthy. Me, I think it's just ok. It nails the aesthetic that it's going for, even if the UI looks like the steam re-releases of Final Fantasy games, and the score is really good. Other than that, ehhhh, A for effort I guess.
The first act draaaags; the gameplay is really tedious, which is fine inherently, but it's before the story picks up enough to justify it. The second act starts getting better, and tbh I wish there was more time spent outside of John's memories. The third act starts getting crazy, and I kinda love it. The whole zombie part makes no sense at all, but I'm here for it, and it was a missed opportunity for the game to play more with Eva and Neil's abilities to mess with each other through John's memories.
I think what ultimately makes me not care about this game is that it starts presenting interesting decisions about what to do with John's fate once they reach the beginning of his memory, but doesn't do enough with it. Which is a shame, Eva and Neil's personalities are both so bold and diametrically opposed that the little we do get is super interesting, but it's short lived and kinda throws it all away for a happy ending that I just couldn't stay invested in.

I kept waiting for the game to produce a special moment, either to grab my attention or pull at my heartstrings - it never came. The story had a lot of potential. Overall, it ended OK.

Aside from a few hiccups in the writing and story beats, To The Moon is an excellent experience. I won't lie, there were a few moments where I came close to crying. The fact that the story managed to keep me hooked in spite of the game being point and click is a testament to its quality.
This is a game I would recommend to literally anybody, regardless if they play video games. It can be beaten in just under 4 hours, so it can be completed in one sitting. You owe it to yourself to check this game out.

Wow. This game has lived rent-free in my mind ever since I played it in 2016. I do not have too much to say other than this being an incredibly heart twisting story. I still think to this day, many years later, I have not been moved by a game the same way this game hit my feelings. Recommend for everyone.

I gotta replay this one, but it definitely moved me a fair bit when first playing it.

Era simplesmente o jogo que eu procurava. Chorei