released on Sep 17, 2021

An aesthetic adventure with the premise of enjoying the little things!
Toem is an adventure game, it aims to capture the curiosity of a child! Should I go left, right, who cares I'm on an adventure! Your smile, that's what's important to us.

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Had so much fun playing this game on the PS5. TOEM had me interested since the very beginning, and that for a free PlayStation Plus game. The art style is very unique, the puzzles are lots of fun and making pictures for tasks around the cities, felt new and entertaining. Most of the puzzles were pretty straight forward for me but some of them got me thinking. Overall, this game is easy to beat and is far away from hard. This is one of them indie games that you wanna play under a blanket during the winter season with a cup of tea enjoying the beautiful world that TOEM is offering.
For the trophy hunters, this is your way to go! I completed it in around 8 hours, with a Platinum Trophy. You actually get these by completing all tasks each region, photograph every animal or capture special characters through out the game.
The only downside I think of, is the Soundtrack. The music in this game made me turn it off, at some point I got annoyed with it, while the menu music sounds very recognizable and fun.
Another very small downside, is the way the characters talk in the game, it’s not a very big thing but it can be annoying sometimes. It’s a thing you see in different indie games, I think I’m not very used to it but on the other side, it also fits the game very good because it’s a fun, weird and unique game in its very own way.

Fun little game! Awesome atmosphere and aesthetic, I found myself wanting more of it at the end. I wished there was some kind of map for each area, but that’s probably my only complaint.

Incredible fun and chill indie game, made me smile from beggining to end.

Bem gostosinho de jogar. Os diálogos e cenários se amarram de um jeito que os objetivos se tornam bem legais de cumprir.

Returning to this game after a simple 5 months, I found myself so much more appreciative of the game's relaxed vibes! I also appreciated playing on Playstation, where trophies pushed me to complete all aspects of the game and discover all the fun secrets hidden away by the dev team. Finally, the addition of Basto was a wonderful reason to dive back in, and it made it so that I didn't know the answers to every puzzle in the game. I'm grateful for this small game providing a break from academic rigor as the semester comes to a close, and so I raise it from a 7/10 to an 8/10

simple but fun little game, finishes up just before the charm wears off and it gets boring