Toree 3D

released on Apr 09, 2021

A bite-sized 3D Platformer with a few weird elements.

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Sonic games if they were good and a lil bit slower

Has a fair bit of charm and plays very well. Worth if you're a fan of super bite-sized but well polished experiences.

A tiny little platformer.
Cute aesthetic but not much going on.

Like the 2nd game but it came before
Platforming real tight and nice :)
simple and fun, cheap too! Have a good 20 minutes to spare then this is your game!

What you pay for is what you get, but sometimes even what you pay for can get you more than you bargained for! Toree 3D is a fun 3D Platformer that reminds me a lot of the fun level design, and innovation of the Sonic Adventure games. While Toree 3D can suffer the same kinds of problems of Sonic Adventure like it's camera issues; it's also has its own unique charm and substance to it.
Sporting roughly 9 levels, Toree 3D isn't a long game, nor is it a hard one. A lot of the fun of the game is simply going as fast as you can while also collecting stars along the way. You can, of course, fall and die or get hit, but Toree 3D let's you continue as much as you want, and gives you several check points per level to boot. This makes a lot of the levels feel more like a breath of fresh air while not taking out all the challenge of the game. Each level is fairly meaty as well, and some of the later ones can offer a bit of a surprise as you go through them. Mostly though, it's just a short and simple platformer to play on a lazy afternoon.
Aesthetically, I feel Toree 3D can be a hit or miss. It is very clearly going for the charming polygon look that the early PS1 and N64 games had back in the day. Each level also sports some rather similar imagery to various worlds or levels from various other platformers while not outright copying them. The game also boosts a bit of a creepy side to it as the game has little glitches or out of place enemies as you go further and further in, but for those looking for a full creep show will be disappointed. If you wanted more creepiness or don't particular like or care for Toree's nostalgic graphics, then this game probably won't be for you.
Mostly, I hype this game up as it's really just well made, looks neat, is shortly sweet, and can be bought rather cheaply. If none of that appeals to you as a platformer fan, then sadly you won't dig this chick.