Toree 3D

Toree 3D

released on Apr 09, 2021

Toree 3D

released on Apr 09, 2021

A bite-sized 3D Platformer with a few weird elements.

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If you even slightly like 3D platforming you WILL enjoy this. The movement is very simple but still very fun/fluid, and the level design is great introducing lots of different mechanics. It does only take about 30-45 minutes to beat, but if you want to unlock the other characters you will need to replay the levels a few times. For 1$ it's impossible to knock, and the in-game timer + nature of the game make this a good game for speedrunning if that's what you're into.

Same dude. Short fun. Cute, weird. I'm not gonna lie the snowball mimic jump scared me. Ya got me. LMFAO
Uhh Sonic Adventure 2.

Life peaked when I played Toree 3D while drinking a beer and getting some good ass head

Not a lot to say about it, it’s a funny little game worth the play. Disconnecting it from its low price point the game is an exercise in running okay platforming gauntlets as a cute chicken. It’s enough to recommend.

It's not perfect by any means but for a $1 3D platformer it's probably nearly as good as it gets (and the only better ones are just more Siactro games lol)

30 minutes of (mostly) jolly, simple and straightforward 3D platforming. It ends right when the gameplay needed more variety, which this 1 dollar game won't give you. I don't think the weirder elements of the game added anything substantial, would prefer them to not be in the game instead of disturbing a perfectly cheerful experience. But it's nothing too fatal, the vibrant low poly aesthetics are too hard to beat.

Also, this is just a tangent but this game makes me nostalgic for a penguin platformer game that was preloaded on my old Linux EEE PC back in the late 2000s. Images of that game were just flying all over my brain during this playthrough. And I don't think I have thought about that game for years.