released on Mar 12, 2019

Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960's parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery.

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Leider hat mir Trüberbrook nicht so gut gefallen, wie ich anfangs dachte. Der echt charmante Artstyle und die tollen Kulissen werden zwar mit einer netten Geschichte verknüpft, aber technische Schwächen blicken doch an allen Ecken und Kanten hervor. Ob das nun die träge Kamera, der uninteressante Gegenspieler mit der einschläfernden Stimme oder inspirationslose Rätsel sind. Ich möchte hier bei Weitem nicht alle der Puzzles abstrafen, denn einige sind wirklich gut geraten und verfügen über einen aberwitzigen Lösungsweg. Jedoch fallen die wenigen Negativbeispiele umso schwerer ins Gewicht.
Von einem durch das Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg geförderten Projekt, welches auch noch unzählige Kickstarter-Unterstützer an Bord ziehen konnte, hätte ich mir einfach ein klein wenig mehr Innovation erhofft. Schade drum. Und für die Kürze ist Trüberbrook dann doch etwas teuer. Wer auf Dioramen steht und bis zum nächsten Sale warten kann, sollte zu gegebener Zeit zuschlagen.

A decent lazy afternoon game that looks nice and feels pretty cosy to play but it's lacks anything really intriguing to keep you thinking about it after playing, as well as throwing you out of the experience a little with noticeable English localisation issues.

A charming but flawed adventure game. Beautiful aesthetic, an interesting if clunky plot, and an undeniable queer throughline. Awkward movement and some illogical puzzles take the shine off, but good vibes.

It's an point and click, maybe a little bit too sloppy in the writing and voice acting, but still a comfortable playthrough.

Aside from some obtuse and convoluted puzzles, this is a pretty relaxing game. The solutions to those puzzles are usually just hidden in plain sight, but sometimes the solution is completely random; the entirety of chapter two is quite restrictive and specific, and often times the actual solution is just physically impossible to see unless you are scanning every inch of the screen with your mouse.
There are some poor twists and contrived moments which feel very sudden, and some of the voice acting lacks conviction when it really needed some; the final boss battle especially suffers because of that. Things can also feel a bit lifeless at times which doesn't help. At one point I ended up in a suit of armour, as one does, and none of the characters commented on how strange that was. Maybe that isn't unusual around here, who knows, but it feels like a bit of an oversight when at another point where your physical appearance is somewhat altered, people do take notice of it.
For me the highlight was the town of Trüberbrook, a quaint and weird little place. It's nothing wholly unique, but it is a fun setting and has a lot of charm which carried me through the game.
You will be spending most of your time walking around, finding things and then mashing those things together to make a new thing. It is strangely in these more quiet and seemingly dull moments where the game shined for me, it's immensely satisfying when you figure out what to do. Though I suppose some of that satisfaction is only brought about because of how bizarre some solutions are, so it's a bit ass-backwards. Overall occassionally frustrating, but otherwise a good time and as I said, fairly relaxing.

Ending is wild in a bad way. Plays like a few different storylines mashed together. Could've been good if it was coherent, but as is it's perfectly forgettable.