Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones 

released on TBD
Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones

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Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones 

released on TBD

Platformer where the player must guide the eponymous corgi to the top of a tower and find 108 bones along the way.

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At first, Tuffy is the terror of jumping in your car to rush to the hospital, after getting the call that your pregnant wife has gone into labor, only to realize far too late, as you barrel towards the first intersection at alarming speed and your foot slams the pedal into the floor, that someone has cut the brake lines on your car.

Often, Tuffy is the frustration of climbing up the staircase in your office building, like you have done every day since you started working there. This morning you're running late and in a hurry, so you're taking the steps fast, two at a time, when you lose your footing and fall tumbling down the stairs, shattering multiple bones on the way.

Eventually, like any good platformer, Tuffy becomes the thrill of the parkour master who, after paying the toll of bumps, bruises, and breaks, has developed an intimate knowledge of their body's physical capability, as well as the layout of the urban landscape. In a semiconscious flow, they stylishly leap and bound between fixtures and over gaps that no human being with any sense of self-preservation would dare to try, for no other reason than it being really cool.