Undertale Yellow

released on Dec 09, 2023

Welcome to Undertale Yellow. In this fan made prequel to the RPG Undertale, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters... but will you make it out alive? Grab your cowboy hat and your gun and take the place of Undertale’s Yellow soul in their journey through the Underground on an original adventure.

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So my original UnderTale Yellow review was a huge yap session where I went over the entire story of UTY, but if you’re on this Backloggd page right now that most likely means you have experienced the incredible piece of art that Undertale Yellow is. And if you haven't, go play Undertale Yellow it’s amazing!!! This review is mostly just going over my favorite mechanics and fights in UTY (nothing gets too spoilery, for those who are reading and still haven’t played the game yet)

I love both Axis fights because of the duality it shows. On one you’re defending yourself from a killer robot that won’t stop hunting you down, and on the other side Axis is defending himself from you, a crazed monster killing lunatic, with the very same object he made you use to fight him. You block Axis’ attacks with the top the same way he blocks your gunshots in genocide. I also love both music tracks and how much more tense the genocide version is, it really strives in the fact that Axis is fighting for all of monster kind.

I like the Desert as an area very much, I liked Dark Ruins and Snowdin (I took a break for around a month and a half from the game partially because I was bored in Snowdin but still,) but the Desert is just different. The best enemy designs with some of the best music tracks and three of my favorite bosses (Ceroba, Starlo, El Balidor). Steamworks is a good area too with fun puzzles and both Axis fights were fun. The new areas in UTY (Desert and Steamworks [and Rooftop if we’re getting really technical here]) are really where the game shines.

Enemy retreating is such a good song, it’s a shame you only hear it once per area at its fastest volume. After one or two speed downs the song still sounds good (not as good as the fastest version but still good) and after like four slow downs you can’t even recognize the song anymore. I wish the song stayed at its hype first speed instead of slowing down after every encounter, but oh well, this is a very minor complaint when the music in this game is so good.

The genocide final boss is really really REALLY HARD (No spoilers, trust), but I was getting pretty close to beating the genocide final boss on 1.0 (I had already beat the Geno. final boss on 1.1 at the time of this retry), I had three items with me and I got pretty close to the end of the final boss’ health bar. BUT THE GAME CRASHED ON ME. Screw 1.0, maybe I’ll do the final boss without autofire sometime, but today is not that day.

I could keep going on and on and on about all the things I love in this game like Starlo’s fight gimmick, Ceroba’s annoying wall hurt health bar attack, the steamworks vending machine personality, all of Flowey’s save point dialogue, and I think you get the point by now. Unfortunately I cannot keep going on about all the amazing things in Undertale Yellow, “All good things must come to an end.” - I don’t know who said that and I don’t care enough to want to search that up right now. Anyways, just because something good has to end, doesn’t mean something good can’t pop up again. UTY is my favorite fangame of all time, and I personally like UTY more than the original Undertale. So I hope that Undertale Yellow shows creators of undertale fangames, new and old, how to put care and love into their own project. Great job TeamUTY! This game gets a 10/10 from me!

an incredibly convincing imitation of Undertale that doesn't come remotely close to any of its emotional highs.

This is, and I cannot stress this enough, the Advent Children of Undertale on every level. Passionate, technically impressive, generationally cool and detrimentally reverent to a source material I'm not totally sure anyone involved in the development has actually played. If Undertale fans had their way every single video game ever would be Disbelief Papyrus on repeat, maybe the best thing I can say about UTY is the divine restraint it took to not just cram three different Megalovania mashups on the soundtrack and I can't be sure they didn't try.

I'm glad this exists, I'm glad I played it, but boy am I glad that Undertale 2 turned out to be Deltarune and not this.

This will go down in history as one of the greatest fangames of all time. I take issue with a few characters but otherwise, it's a fan prequel that leaves you wondering about what's happened after the credits roll.

Its really good for people who are Undertale Fans