We Know the Devil

released on Sep 12, 2015

We Know the Devil is a visual novel about teens reluctantly fighting the devil at summer camp. Follow meangirl Neptune, tomboy Jupiter, and shy shy Venus as they get to know each other--but one always gets left out.

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Short, less than an hour.
A bit weird history but good quotes and dialogues.

fuck love triangles we being a tripoly-demon

Maybe The Real Devil Was the Friends We Made Along the Way
man this game seems like it was made from depths of hell itself now i get what they meant with that title
genuinely feel like this is great yall dont think the score means i didnt like it at all but i guess maybe it didnt land for me as much as i wanted to
this is a visual novel that clocks in at like 1 hour and honestly its kind of a breeze to go through due to some mostly interesting writing and fast paced narrative with something happening behind every single corner and even if you WERE getting bored the fucking industrial electro soundtrack will remind you that the devil is watching and wants a piece of your ass
the artstyle and music genuinely take the cake for most interesting artsy neo tumblr ism dark academia wicca people-who-scavenge-animal-bones-core and the characters have this sketchy style that somehow really suit and/or contrast the real life pictures put as a background for this disgustingly terroristic narrative and i swear to fucking god the soundtrack is pretty much the highlight here theres some bomb tunes here and there that sometimes dont even suit the scene at hand but you will be gripping at your chair because the fuck do you mean by this masterpiece i SHAT my fucking pants when this came on the very first time the fuck
so the story is absolutely out of my knowledge but the basic premise is 3 girls are hiding from the devil and in the meantime they could also develop some lesbianism on the way which is always a good addition to a plot if you ask me now if you come to me and ask so falco what do you think the story is about i would try to change the subject matter so fucking fast like i have NO idea the rampant christianity here and there is for me kind of a metaphor but when you get to the endings you go umh so what was this actually all about also theres different endings and i kind of enjoy the venus ending the most out of every one due to me loving angels if you played it yknow what im talking about so anyway the lore is completely hidden to me BUT i can say that i enjoyed the surface level interactions and little characterisation for each one of the cute gals so thats alright
cool stuff it gave me some hello charlotte / milk bag outside a bag milk whatever the fuck vibes so yknow whats up unfortunately it wasnt long enough for me to actually care for these characters or really let the story sink in so we are left with a nice little niche visual novel about the hardships of being LGBT in a heterosexual camping group
should i check out heaven will be mine i saw some people willing to nail their testicles to a wood chair instead of playing that game so should i start saying goodbye to my junk /gen

Very strange alternate universe. A story about queer kids at summer camp & Christianity or something. Freaky music and nice art. Starts a bit slow but the endings are interesting. Dialogue can be boring. I don't regret playing it, but I think maybe my hopes for this were too high.

i love this game so much i buy it for other people