WWF SmackDown!

released on Mar 02, 2000
by Yuke's



All the top WWF Superstars! Largest interactive backstage area ever! Most advanced season mode - Make decisions affecting rivalries, backstage story lines and tag teams. Revolutionary Create-a-Superstar - Sliding scales, movies, and personality variables. All signature moves, taunts and mannerisms - From Elbow to Eyebrow!

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The era of japanese made wwf/wwe games was superior to everything we have now.
I hate the modern age of wrestling games, the simulation era. I want something that isn't ashamed of being a game.
Between the early smackdown games, and the AKI n64 ones, we were spoilt. Good gameplay, good rosters, jammin' original soundtracks.

The start of a legendary series. Playing it for the first time feels truly special. THQ really made an impact with this first installment. Who knew how big this series would get?
Very epic.

Played Know Your Role! 1st, so it only feels half as amazing. Never could really appreciate this one.

I was fond of this when it came out, and it is fun to play, but it’s ultimately just a lead-in to the sequel we got in the same calendar year, which is so much better it isn’t funny.

The season mode is definitely better than the sequel - it's short and to the point, no repetitive stories and no shitty load screens to clog up your playtime. I could finish 5-6 character playthroughs in this game for the time it takes to finish Know Your Role's season with one character.
I love the fast-paced action, the only criticism I could have is that the wrestlers get up a bit too fast for my liking. Of course down the line Here Comes the Pain basically perfects this style of wrestling games.

Even though the N64 had better playing wrestling games this one still had it's perks. The career mode was leagues better, the create a wrestler more indepth and it had a lot of match types and more weapons. You could travel inside and outside the arena, drag them backstage and even outside. It was pretty crazy. I played this every night before raw or smack down and would do my own career week in game before watching it on TV. Good times.