XIII is a cel-shaded first-person shooter based on the popular Belgian cult comic created by Jean Van Hamme and illustrated by William Vance. The game is loosely based on the first five comics. The player unravels clues, trying to solve a conspiracy set in an environment that breathes a comic book ambiance. Footsteps and shots are visualized in text and actions: for example, headshots are shown in a series of still images. Aside from that, the game has all the typical FPS elements: both stealth and action, more than fifteen weapons (shotguns, crossbows, rifles, ...), interaction with environmental objects and plenty of enemies in levels spread all over the world. During the game, the player can learn a number of skills such as silent walking, lockpicking and dual weapons handling.

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Se nota que es un juego del 2003, con sus cliches y trama de una pelicula de los 90, la historia es confusa, y el ultimo jefe aumenta mucho la dificultad a diferencia de los demas jefes, su gameplay es sencillo nada diferente, pero es entretenido

Interesting game with a very clever use of Cel-shade

Çok fazla sorunun var biliyorum, ama sanat yaklaşımını seviyorum, aksiyonunu seviyorum, temponu seviyorum, basit ve eski usül, sorunlu ama keyifli oynayışını da seviyorum. Ortalama oyun cazibesinin güzel örneğidir bu yapım.

I wouldn't run to play this game as it was very generic 007 type shooter. The stealth parts of the game was cool, but I really did feel as though something was missing. The gunplay was kinda boring and inconsistent. The graphics and comic book theme were probably the best part of this game.