Yoshi's Story

released on Dec 21, 1997

Baby Bowser has taken the Super Happy Tree and cast a spell on Yoshi's world, turning it into the pages of a picture book. The only Yoshis not affected by the spell were six hatchlings that were still protected by their shells. It's up to them to reclaim the Super Happy Tree and restore happiness to the world. That is the only thing that can break Baby Bowser's Spell!

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Yoshi controls weird, the level design is very bland, the decision to make progression based on wandering around until you gather 40 fruits in a level is a strange one. This is definitely one of the mid Yoshi games

Amo como contam a história como se fosse um livro pra crianças.

一回クリアしただけで終わってしまった……はず。クリアしたっけ? 自信なくなってきた……

A very fun platformer, and I honestly enjoyed it more than the original Yoshi's Island, having played both a ton as a kid. It's definitely way too hard OR easy based on what you choose to do, though.

Adoro este juego tan importante en mi infancia y recuerdo con mucho cariño las horas que le dedicaba día sí día también. Lo único que no me gustaba era que los yoshis negro y blanco no estuvieran disponibles en el modo libre de selección de niveles.