Yume Nikki

released on Jun 26, 2004

Yume Nikki is a 32-Bit freeware game created by Kikiyama, a Japanese solo game designer. The game was made using RPGMaker 2003. The game is regarded as one of the most original applications of RPGMaker 2003, and the start of a possible new genre of games.

"Yume Nikki" means "Dream Diary" in Japanese, and the game follows a young girl named Madotsuki as she dreams. The goal is to seek out and acquire all 24 'Effects'.

The game otherwise has no plot, and nearly the entire game is left up to speculation.

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This game...this is a good game. It's not compelling to play, but compelling to experience.
The exploration is fantastic. There's so much weird shit to take in. The music is elite. It is god tier. It is the living heartbeat that turns this game from interesting to captivating.

Need an example of Games as an art form? Look no further.
Rating: [76]

more impressed by this being made with rpgmaker in 2004 than most of its actual content. there's cool tone-setting atmosphere and imagery here and there, but generally you're just slowly wandering through boring random voids

you either grow bored of it really quickly or you want to keep exploring for hours on end. This game greatly succeeds in its originality

such an unique experience i love it