Zone of the Enders

released on Mar 01, 2001

Take control of a fully armed prototype mechanized robot and fight off enemies during a space colony hijack in Hideo Kojima's Zone of the Enders. In it, players become the character Leo Stenbuck, who sees the consequences of fighting first hand as he learns the true meaning of life and death. Combining state of the art PlayStation 2 graphics, tons of weapons, and an involving storyline, Zone of the Enders also provides a dynamically changing mission structure, a versus mode for two players, and a playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2: Snake Eater in all first-run production copies.

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Prime example of style over substance. The Mechs are badass and so is the techno soundtrack, but then you get to the gameplay and it's 4 hours of padding of what should at most be a 2 hour game. The backtracking, the long winded word salad that Kojima is known for (only this time it's for menial shit like "you got an item" getting turned into a paragraph's worth of information by an annoying robot voice) all culminate in a potent, repetitive squashing of a potentially fantastic game.

Really dug this at the time. English dub is rough, though.

The sequel is what you want, but this one is still good.

This game set a pretty strong foundation for its sequel on the gameplay department. Tight and fluid controls that feel extremely satisfying to play, although there were some moments where I felt kinda lost or felt frustrated trying to have precise shots with small targets. The graphics are honestly pretty impressive for an early PS2 title, and its clear that this game was inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam with its whole premise.

Kinda decided to play this on a whim and what a PS2 ass video game. It really does feel like it exists to just set up the sequel in terms of it's story as you just sorta spreed through it all without any real explanation, but that's okay but the gameplay loop is simple and fun enough to make sure you don't notice too much. Soundtrack wise, I was grooving the whole time too. My only real complaints is the lack of clear objective direction sometimes and Leo being a whiney little baby but thats the PS2 for you.
Jehuty is a sick ass mech design though they were cooking with that