Interesting hardware gimmick game by Nintendo where they strap a laser mouse to the bottom of the DS, and as you move the mouse, the game's camera moves.

The gimmick in this game is you're a magnet that can explore this American family's home by hiding inside of things that the family moves around - glasses cases, picture books, paper bags, etc. You can then fight enemies by charging into them (done by moving the DS along a table quickly), connect with the enemies to gain powers and form a centipede of different enemy types. Most of the game has you searching the house for parts or turning into a particular chain of enemies.

This core gameplay loop isn't that fun although it is quite novel. I get motion sick pretty quickly moving around the house and it can be hard to remember what is where (you need to travel into objects, wait a while to get to the next area, then check if the enemies you need are there, etc.)

When you form a train of enemies, you can move quickly or shake to break it apart. That'll let you reattach to other enemies to use different abilities.

There are some boss fights, the one I played was actually kinda fun though easy, where you have to shut drawers by charging into them.

There are also some minigames, of which I only found one, a card-matching game where you have to match a card on screen to a card sitting amongst others on a desk. That was neat.

Well, I'll probably play more but I don't think my opinion will change much. Interesting experimental kids game! Kind of amazing they manufactured special hardware for one game and it never got localized.

Reviewed on Nov 12, 2022