But the moon is as full as it'll ever be, and theres even a soda fountain

Indescribable game. I cant really figure out what to write about it as the whole thing felt like it washed over me, I was so entranced. Enjoy the Diner is very bittersweet and calming. I very much like its approach to things, the way everyone speaks, reacts. How things are resolved. There is a place for anger and despair in the world but there is a distinct lack of judgement or punishment where I realize there could be. Its more focused itself on a hopeful acceptance, no one intended to be stuck in a diner set in infinite space just as no one intends to have regrets or grief, I think. But everything is taken in a quiet stride, and they manage to do as the title says...it isnt that bad of a place to be, after all, at the very least there's a soda fountain. I'm really struck by this games atmosphere and simplicity. I love its creativity and capacity for the alien and weird. Its so soothing and melancholic, a hint of silly. One of my favorites of all time, I love and cherish it very much.

Reviewed on Dec 06, 2023