This review contains spoilers

Really fun exploration-based platformer, and a perfect ~7-hour length! Not too hard in either platforming or puzzles; both provided just enough friction to be quite satisfying... overall a very smooth ride from front to back, disregarding the final boss which was extremely annoying.

Sorta early on I discovered a way to jump really high, much higher than the high jump you eventually unlock, which allowed me to skip a few sections / complete some challenges easily. The timing was difficult at first, but I could do it reliably by the endgame. It was really gratifying to find what felt like hidden movement tech!! (or at least tech that isn't explicitly told to you). Cavern of Dreams seems to promote small revelations, like the ways areas can preview each other, or when you first put it together that you can carry an item from one area to another. My super-high-jump discovery felt like an extension of that, and it felt rewarded too, beyond being able to bypass some challenges — e.g., I was able to go up on the level boundary/walls in the green wing of the Gallery of Nightmares, and there was a sign with a message from Luna up there! I realized after getting all the eggs and unlocking the flying ability that maybe the sign was placed for wings-having players to find, so it was neat to find it early.

Anyway, I had a lovely time playing this.

Reviewed on Mar 31, 2024