A frustrating, beautiful remaster of a classic title in the franchise.

I had not played this in it's heyday, but I have heard mixed things about the prequel and I have to agree with them. The remaster updated the visuals to a beautiful finish, but the gameplay leaves something to be desired and the difficulty curve is a bit ridiculous. The difference between easy and normal is night and day. The addition of new enemies was a nice touch but some (like the humanoid leeches), were kind of egregious given the limited movement mechanics of the game. The locations were fairly diverse (especially the train section) and the puzzles were decent. I had to look up some, but overall not overly complicated. I mostly enjoyed my time playing the game.

I played this entirely on Steam Deck and it ran really well with some tweaks. I had to use Proton GE 7-49 to fix some missing textures, but that was the only real issue. I had it set to medium graphics with a 60hz refresh rate and 60 fps. It ran without a hitch.

Overall, I can only really recommend if you are huge fan of the franchise and want experience all the games or fill in lore knowledge. The game just wasn't as fun as the first game.

Reviewed on Sep 19, 2023