Is Neptunia x Senran Kagura a good game? It depends...but I like it. Depending from what you want from both series it can be perceived as "bad".

So this game a Neptunia game first and a Senran Kagura game second. Which what I was kinda expecting anyway. That being said. I really wished the game instead had 2 campaigns with one side being Senran Kagura and the other being Neptunia. But instead it feels like a Neptunia game and Senran Kagura characters so happen to be there.

The game is whole lot of missed potential but instead of being salty of what could have been I enjoy it for what it is. Senran Kagura spin offs are have track record of being...not good. This easily the best one.
Neptunia spin offs also have a spotty track record but I think this one of the better ones.

I feel like this held back due to the T rating. The fan service is very tame even compared Neptunia U. Neptunia U had clothes ripping and that was T also. So here we go...theres no...clothes ripping, no dressing room/costumes, certainly no intimacy mode, no transformations, not even a 3D model viewer mode with poses Also there are only 4 Senran Kagura characters. And only 10 playable characters 2 of which are originals to this game. Considering both series have a mountain characters to choose from that's pretty underwhelming.

The core gameplay is Senran Kagura. Just not as good. The partner system from Senran Kagura 2 returns. There are still ninja arts. The game graphically looks really nice and is a locked 60 fps. I also feel like the game probably has some of the better map design from either Senran Kagura or the Neptunia hack n slashes. Though baffled by the choice to not have a heavy attack and make it triangle throwing ninja stars instead. I don't think the combat is as good as Senran Kagura or even Valkyire Drive but it's similar enough to be fun.

Since is a Neptunia game first and Senran Kagura game second. It has a Neptunia story and writing. I did find the plot a little amusing Neptunia and Senran Kagura characters team up to stop "Steem Legion" from taking over. It's nothing special but it's entertaining.

Overall I like the game. It took me about 22 hours to get the platinum trophy for the game and it was fun all the way through. But as a crossover it could have been so much more. I enjoyed it for what it is and I may like the game but I wouldn't be surprised if some coomer would like "no anime titties?! or fan service 1/10". But for me. I'd say it was pretty alright and I'd give it a 7/10

Reviewed on Nov 05, 2021