Another Code: Recollection

Another Code: Recollection

released on Jan 19, 2024

Another Code: Recollection

released on Jan 19, 2024

The Nintendo DS game Trace Memory and its Wii sequel are coming together, fully enhanced, on the Nintendo Switch system. A young girl named Ashley receives a letter from her father, who she thought had passed away. Seeking answers, she sets off for a solitary island in search of him. Once there, Ashley encounters puzzles and obstacles that threaten to hinder her investigation. Find the traces of her past and experience the full story for the first time.

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Enjoyed the story and mystery despite correctly predicting several plot elements long in advance. Puzzles were kinda braindead though

Richard wasn't a very good dad, I don't think.

Haven't played the originals, so I don't know how these measure up to the Wii and DS games, but there's a palpable heart to these games that is the je ne sais quoi that binds it all together. And that indescribable sauce is really why you should play it if you're at all interested. The vibes are just spectacular. The music is eerie, but comforting as well.

The character writing is pretty sharp. Ashley feels really believable especially in the transition between the two games.

The game obviously isn't perfect. These are clearly low-budget. The character models get the budget where the environments don't get the same attention. Honestly though, it's presentation overall is charming in that it reminds me that games like this used to come out on the regular in the 2000s before AA games and cheap, small handhelds went away.

The puzzles are easy and the stories are simple but effective. The second one is a little less cohesive, but it ends quite poignantly.

I appreciate these games a lot, overall. It's awesome that Nintendo is willing to bring back largely forgotten games like these.

First of all, just the fact these games were chosen for a remake is already a good surprise by itself.

About the change from the original to the remake, I can't speak much on Another Code R since I never played it on the Wii (I fully intend to though!), but I did play the first game a few years ago. But I can say that this is no mere remake: it's a whole reimagination of both stories, with original gameplay, new puzzles and some changes in how the stories are told. I read in a wiki that Another Code R actually had some plot point changes, so I guess there's that as well.

It sucks a bit that the ingeniosity of the DS version with the puzzles that really took advantage of the touch screen and two screens was lost in Recollection, and I imagine losing the Wii pointer controls from R had similar effects. Makes the games feel somewhat more of a "standard" adventure game, you know? Which is not inherently a bad thing, but a huge change of pace of the Cing games from that era, that were driven by the unique features of the consoles they were on.

But I guess it can't be helped: they couldn't force touch controls or pointer ones since they had to make the game properly playable whether you're playing docked or handheld, on a regular Switch or a Switch Lite, Pro Controller or Joy-Cons... With that said, I was already imagining it using solely the Joy-Cons and having crazy puzzles using the different Joy-Con positions as well the infrared reader... But anyways. It's not like the puzzles are bad, and some even used motion controls! I wish there were more of them though.

Presentation is spectacular. This is, genuinely, one of the best-looking games I ever saw on the Switch. it looks gorgeous. Music and voice acting are also great.

Story-wise, both parts are beautiful, poignant stories about facing your past, and, as a result, facing the truth. "Facing the truth can hurt, but in the end, it's for the best" is a phrase I'm taking with me for life.

I felt much more impacted by the first game's story this time around than I was in the DS version. Again, can't say much about Another Code R at this point.

Another Code Recollection is one of my favorite Switch games ever and I'm so glad that it was chosen for a remake. I really, really hope Hotel Dusk and Last Window are next in line, even if they have to be more standard games this time around (just keep the unique artsyle)!

A surprisingly niche choice for a remaster release, these 2 adventures had been on my wish list to try since the original release on DS & Wii

Recollection is an impressive upgrade to the original DS game, feeling more like a full remake than remaster. It does feel a touch more generic on Switch - with a few DS specific puzzles replaced.

The sequel, fares a little worse in the package - fighting a slower pace and seemingly less puzzle focused game. Although released on better hardware, the larger outdoor areas have not aged as well as the mansion from the first game.

Overall, it’s nice to have both games available on a modern console.

First half was a solid little puzzle story with likable characters and a charming anime art style. The puzzles aren't particularly hard but they are fun enough to work through. I enjoyed how the mystery slowly unfolded and the thematic parelells with the two main characters.

Second half of the game was not very good, there were hardly any puzzles and you just run from point A to point B to talk to people. I don't even mind visual novels, but I signed up for a mystery with puzzles to solve. I personally thought the story in the second part wasn't as tightly woven as the first part either. Overall, half satisfying and half disappointing game.