Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

released on Aug 24, 2023

By combining FromSoftware’s longstanding expertise in mech games and their signature robust gameplay, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will be a new action experience.

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Incredibly high speed mech combat with an alright story, fun characters, beautiful environments, and incredibly in-depth customization, although that last point is unfortunately a bit toned down compared to its predecessors. Decent multiplayer too.

Man, what a good-ass game.
I'm gonna be real, I'm not much of a FromSoft person. More accurately, I'm not much of a Souls person. However, I have had a soft spot for mecha for a very long time, and I've never really had an outlet with which to engage in it.
Enter stage left: Armored Core VI. This game had me fighting tooth and nail the entire first run through. It had me questioning the motives of characters all over again on the second. It had me letting all the story cogs fall into place on the third.
The plot is engaging the more you engage with it and think about it. The characters pop, with their AC designs, their vibrant personalities, and the stellar ENG voice acting (shoutouts Patrick Seitz, Erin Yvette, and DC Douglas). The graphics are stunning, with snowy mountains and fiery vistas. The gameplay is fast, responsive, and just... punchy, with sound design to back it up and enhance it. The music is moody, epic, and emotional.
I feel like I have an endless amount of praise for this game, and I only think of even more every time I think about the game. Even after completing all of the story missions, I still boot the game up to tinker with fun AC ideas and throw them at people in the online PVP mode.
Man, what a good-ass game.

desculpa eu não vou terminar o jogo, gostei ate chegar em uns boss dificil é ser filtrado.
acho tudo do jogo bonito mas so não e pra mim.

This review contains spoilers

After playing almost every armored core game I think I got a couple opinions on this one.
For starters, the story and combat is really fucking good. I'd say 6th gen is off to an excellent start.
I'd say some of the stuff I didn't like was the stagger meter, especially with the shielded stagger gage some of the bosses have and AC Extensions do.
Also the obvious fact that the soundtrack isn't up to par with previous gens.
Weapon ranges are also a lot shorter than they use to be and it makes some weapons feel kind of bad and that there's not as much part variety (something the next game is probably going to fix like all gens do.)
But that's honestly where my complaints end. The story is amazing with some twists and levels I wouldn't expect from and Armored Core game.
The skyboxes are fucking gorgeous with vibrant colors that really immerses you.
Also the melee weapons in this game were improved greatly from other games and it feels so nice to hit someone while they are staggered with it.
While the bosses in this game aren't like traditional boss fights, some of them hold up really well and are fun to fight. (I just wish there was an option to skip the spectacle fights like Ice Worm cause while its cool as fuck the first time its also annoying to do again when your doing the other endings)
While I'd say its not my favorite Armored Core game, it definitely is up there. Of course, being the first of its gen there's still stuff to be desired but hey, when was a numbered title perfect huh?
It just means that the next game is gonna be better. (I hope)

Didn’t really click with me but enjoyed. When it’s good it’s GOOD, but the lows are very low.
Positives first: idk if this is controversial but this is FromSoftware’s best music imo. Specifically Contact With You and Steel Haze, they have changed who I am as man.
At first I thought customisation was overwhelming but I quickly realised it’s one of the best “progression” systems in modern gaming. Every weapon and every unit serves a purpose, and can be used at any stage. Not like other games where you gain loot, and then 5 minutes later find another piece of loot that gives 0.25% increase to your girth. Everything here is meaningful, also appreciate the level of attention given to every design and the fact you have to commit to a look - and creating different builds is fun as FUCK
I will never forget you Balteus, Rusty, IBIS Cel and Ayre.
That being said… I think ibis cel and Ayre fall under a similar category as Malenia for me. 10/10 visuals, aesthetic, stage, music, moveset, design but the fight itself just isn’t enjoyable. Ayre became enjoyable once I switched to a different build and play style but still, ibis cel really suffers from this. G1 Michigan fight is particularly terrible garbage booty cheeks. Don’t think there’s ever been a good boss fight where the gimmick is a bunch of ads around the boss lol
In between these big fights and set pieces the game is a real slog and not very enjoyable to get through. Arena is fun but I wish there was more to it.
Not much to say story wise, wish exposition wasn’t delivered through boring walkie talkie messages before and after every mission. Makes it very difficult to attach emotionally or invest in anything. Anytime I found myself getting worked up to play was because I’d listen to Contact With You, but then I’d actually play and realise it’s not actually FUN
Could all just be a me thing tho since Idrc for mechs. Part of me wants to do the next playthroughs just to properly see it through but part of me does NOT wanna play anymore.
Rusty and the music saved this from being a 2/5