released on Feb 05, 2019

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released on Feb 05, 2019

U r a froshmin at 🅐 🅡 🅣 🅢 🅠 🅞 🅞 🅛.
Ur assignments are generated & graded by an A.I.

Can a video game make you more creative?
Can a video game make you a better artist?
Can you graduate from Art Sqool? Idk,,, that's on u!

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played for around half an hour before feeling satisfied and fully done with the game. the prompts are often funny and great for breaking artblock, but the controls and camera are weak at best, and it's not very user friendly. walking around is so slow that it feels like a chore, but you're encouraged to do so in order to find power-ups and can end up lagging behind (or just not having as much fun due to a limited palette) if you don't. the ai in charge of grading you is also an epileptic nightmare of flashing dots — i had to partically cover the screen with my hand to be able to get through those scenes.

it's a shame, really, because the drawing parts themselves feel pretty good! i kinda almost wish it was just a drawing simulator since that would remove most of its problems. either way, there's lots of potential in there if the developer ever decides to work on it further.

art sqool's strengths hit a very touching, subconscious part of my soul, but its weak points were fucking embarrassing and egregious.

just exploring around the weird abstract campus and drawing stuff with an extremely limited toolset evoked a lot of memories and fears surrounding my childhood and my current experiences at college. all the little islands are super charming. i was really happy with a lot of the things i made in the game, and i'm glad they give you a folder of your drawings as shareable pngs. nothing about its execution feels cynical or dramatic, it's just there to let you take your own experience from it.

but goddamn fuck the grading system on this game, i have no idea what these prompts are checking for. i got stuck on one where they wanted you to draw your first memory, and it rejected 10 drawings before finally accepting a grease brush blob.

also the main character design looks like someone that would emotionally manipulate me

overall i don't think this will do much for people who aren't already into art, but it's a nice 2-3 hour trip for people that wanna break their art block or get a neat change of pace. recommended.

It does the bare minimum of what it advertises to do: drawing freely based on random prompts from a computer while exploring a pastel and abstract world. It doesn't do any better than that though. You're better off practicing your drawing skills (in funner ways) than this.

I can't play this game anymore lol. The concept of doodling works just fine, but there are a lot of problems. The color scheme of the overworld is absolutely nauseating for one. The camera has a lot of problems too; the FoV is way too small (and there's no slider or way to adjust from what I can tell) so you're often uncomfortably close to your character, and the camera is way too sensitive and rotates a ton every time you try and mess with it. There's no map on the overworld to try and guide you when you need to submit assignments (I later learned that you can just fall off the overworld to auto-submit). There are more tools to work with so you can expand your doodling ability, but these tools all seem to be scattered between isolated isles, with no real way to travel between them except hopefully respawning randomly on the right isle. And finally, I have no idea how the scoring algorithm really works to get a gauge of how in tune this is. The concept is fine, but the lack of attention just about everywhere else is a huge problem.

For what it is, it's a fun little game that'll last you a few hours. Don't expect to be emotionally moved or anything, but expect to have some fun doodling with weird stuff in a weird little world.