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A single-player platformer about climbing a mountain. Battle your inner demons and climb through more than 250 devious stages to reach the summit. It won't be easy.

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probabilmente il miglior platform di precisione finora un tipo di gameplay che di solito è stressante ma in celeste tutto il contorno è talmente bello che ti fa calmare se poi si arriva a speedrunnare si prova un'esperienza meravigliosa

Hace años jugue este juego y no me convenció del todo, ahora vuelvo a jugarlo para sacarle su 100% y me llevo una buena y desafiante experiencia.

Celeste is a difficult, demanding game, but at every step, the game is cheering you on. Each aspect of the game is polished to a sparkling sheen: platforming mechanics are smooth and responsive, the overarching narrative feels simultaneously personal and symbolic, and the art direction is simple but consistently emotional. A perfect game, to me, is something I can recommend to everyone. Celeste is exactly that.

Segundo melhor jogo de plataforma que eu já joguei. Perfeito perfeito perfeito

I have a question for you, do you think that video games is art? Personnaly, i always thought that way, and i think that the game that can proove this the best is celeste: celeste, is in my opinion the best video game ever made, with his wonderful story, about depression and acceptation, absolutly ne wonderfully tell on this simple but addictive quest of climbing a mountain. The gameplay is also toth and precise and yet fair and satisfaying, and can be put in practrice with a perfect level design : every level are a blast and every element here feels cohesive and perfectly feat. The score is one of the best of all the video games that i ever play : its upbit, atmospheric, but sometimes gave us a feeling of anxiety and danger, echoing the feeling of all the lovable character present...yes, im not scared of saying this, but celeste is my favorite games of all times