Crash Twinsanity

released on Sep 28, 2004

Crash Twinsanity is the fifth mainline series game of the Crash Bandicoot series where Crash and the villain Cortex are forced into partnership. Each character occupies the same screen but they run along on different planes. Crash's gameplay is mostly the same as before, he can still do his trademark spin attack, double jump and body slam moves. The originality comes in his duo with Dr. Cortex, as he can throw him to places he can't reach himself or use him as a hammer to slap enemies. The consistent conflict between both heroes causes many funny situations.

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It's not like classic crash, but it was still so good and fun. I really enjoyed it back in the day.

One of my favorite Crash games. The best music in the series with a slight madness, good humor and atmosphere. Not a bad platforming, although it is spoiled by bugs and slight curvature, which sometimes makes it very difficult to pick up a lot of diamonds. A great part, I would really like to see a remake.

this was way above my expectations, the soundtrack is surreal but overall fits and man they just went way the heck out there on this one, it's good

Say goodbye to my credibility, because not only do I love this game, I love this game more than the original trilogy.
I feel like I can write whatever I want now because there's no way anyone made it past that opening sentence, but I'm going to continue with the review anyway.
This game, despite the performance issues and unfinished areas, is an absolute blast to play. It's creative, open, and most importantly: Funny. My god, does Crash Twinsanity have some absolute zingers. I feel like people are down on this game because it's different to the first 4 games, but to me Twinsanity is a natural evolution of the Crash formula, and knows exactly what it wants to be.
The soundtrack is S Tier too, seriously. Go look up some tracks on YouTube, you won't regret it.

Adoro esse jogo e tenho muita nostalgia... mas put* merda esse jogo é muito mais bugado do que me lembrava.