Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear

released on Apr 25, 2013

Cry of Fear

released on Apr 25, 2013

Cry of Fear is a single-player, horror modification for Half-Life 1 that brings you all the horrors you have always been afraid of. This is a free total converstion of Half-Life 1, which means none of the assets from Half-Life 1 have been used in this mod or any files from other people, it is a totally unique experience. Everything is made exclusively by Team Psykskallar, the Cry of Fear developers.

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comically accurate and dreadful depiction of depression and suicidal ideation. fw it heavy even though it disturbs me

one of my favorite representations of mental illness in fiction its PEAK!

É uma pica essas sessões de parkour.

I won't pretend this game has no issues like some people do happily, but I fully intend on ignoring them when it comes to recommending this game because it's a free 7-8 hours fully fledged game with extra game modes and co-op. Cry of Fear is a game that comes the closest any game has ever come to emulating Silent Hill's vibes since the last "good-ish" release from that franchise, that being Silent Hill 4 back in 2004. This standalone FREE game, which started off as a mod, accomplishes that feat while bringing plenty of its own, wholly unique, identity, charm, and vibes. Its story brings up topics that few other games would dare touch and then handles them with due diligence. The gameplay has many interesting elements, from interactive melee combat to the inventory system, not to mention all the great locations you visit throughout the experience. The final sequence, in particular, has two very cool variations, depending on the two only choices you can make in the game. There's just so much thought and passion behind the smallest of things in this game. From enemies you encounter to details in the healing animation, it's really solid stuff that major triple AAA studios struggle to achieve with their roomfuls of writers and truckloads of budget (An especial 'fuck you' to the hacks at Blobber Team). That being said, some of the gameplay decisions, like sending you on a backtracking goose chase without a map, certain enemy placements, ALL of the terrible first-person parkour you need to do, difficulty spikes up the ass, certain sections being just a mistake (anything related to swimming: why?). It's just not perfect, but I think that's understandable when like 3 or 4 people made the majority of the game.

"Donor only weapon" + frequent crashes.

detailed deception of mental illness

cry of fear is a rollercoaster of different emotions . the eerie , kafkaesque world that takes place in Simon's mind mind and the several medication named enemies all hint towards Simon's battle with depression and the affects of it on his mind . with several engines to come to , the game offers suspenseful and genuine scary endings . the exploration is fun , art style is interesting , and the audio queues emphasize the lonely European city we are left to explore . I recommend watching a lore breakdown after beating for clarity .