Crystal Project

Crystal Project

released on Mar 31, 2022

Crystal Project

released on Mar 31, 2022

Crystal Project is a non-linear JRPG where you are the maker of your own adventure. Explore the world while you find Crystals, unlock classes, learn abilities, and create a strategy capable of taking down the world's toughest bosses. Or just stick to exploring; it's up to you.

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I personally think it's a very funny bit to have the game harp on and on about how cool and awesome and epic exploring and adventure is only to make you do precise platforming through a trite rpg story situated in the most generic fantasy locations of all time.

Combat and class building is fun so far, but dodging tedious overworld battles while trying to navigate the umpteenth jumping puzzle is really taking the wind out of this game's sails. It feels like the dev wanted to build a really solid RPG foundation but wasn't confident enough to make it the sole focus, so now I have to platform everywhere in an engine that has no business being used for platforming.

Too grindy and not interesting enough for me to keep going.

Great indie game. Fantastic sense of exploration and adventure. Jrpg mechanic heavy with a bunch of wonderful customization. Story isn't really there, but sense of adventure is. Really enjoyed this!

Crazy to me that this was made largely using royalty free assets, the character models, music, everything. And yet it still has this really nice singular charm to it! If you yearn to play an RPG but are concerned about delving deep into world matters and story, don't worry this has you covered. Story aspects are largely barren but if you are going in looking for something like that this is perfect and real cozy.

One big part of the game is gaining new platforming upgrades, letting you navigate the world more. I love this mechanic. Grind some enemies, upgrade and change classes, search the area for little hidden rooms with treasure.. yeah. Really dig this. I think its pretty cheap too.

I got a bit annoyed with the awkward jump puzzles leading to frustrating extra encounters. It's been a couple of years and there are quite a few updates along with mod support nowadays. I really wanted to like the game, so maybe I'll give it another whirl at some point and see if I can find a combination of mods that works for me.