Death Stranding: Director's Cut

released on Sep 24, 2021

An expanded game of Death Stranding

From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes a genre-defying experience, now expanded and remastered for PS5 in this definitive Director's Cut.

Experience an extended storyline through new missions in an expanded area. Make use of additional weapons and vehicles, take on new enemy types and explore new locations such as the Firing Range and Racetrack, featuring extra missions and minigames.

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Just finished the game today and man, am I happy that I decided to play it. The atmosphere in this game is amazing, Hideo Kojima is a master at developing these stories. The characters, the actors, all are perfectly chosen. Also love the fact that they decided to add some celebrities/special appearances like Junji Ito!

Very interesting and cool game with interesting concepts. A breath of fresh air in the AAA gaming industry. My favorite part was delivering packages, I loved setting up my character, figuring out routes and overcoming challenges presented. My least favorite parts were boss fights. The graphics and environment are superb.

Pretty cool game, the gameplay is extremely solid and the story is very weird and confusing but still pretty cool

death stranding makes doing mundane tasks the most exhilarating experience.

Having played the Standard Edition on Steam, this version has great QoL additions, but runs worse than the Standard Edition in my experience. Other than that I see no reason to not get the Director's Cut.