Defunct is an indie adventure game with a focus on flow, speed and an engaging world. You are a broken robot that accidentally falls out of a giant cargo ship onto a post-human Earth, now inhabited by robots. You have to get back to your ship before it’s too late!

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tenho raiva desse pq foi o primeiro q finalizei no Switch já q n tinha dinheiro o suficiente para ter jogos grandes logo de cara. Tudo é extremamente fodase e a inexistência da música me incomoda muito, de qualquer forma paguei 10 reais nele entt meh

A neat little cross between a platformer and a racing game. Absolutely wouldn't recommend at its normal price, but if you can find it on sale for $1-$2, it's a good deal.
Defunct sees you playing as a robot with a big wheel as its only form of locomotion. You're on a race to catch up with a ship that's left you behind. Your engine is broken so you'll be using momentum to traverse the landscapes you come across. There's a bit of a learning curve to the controls. You hold down a button while going down slopes to activate a downward gravitational force and build speed, and release the button when going uphill or else drastically slow down. It's pretty tricky to start getting it right, but a lot of things can be done with this mechanic and it's satisfying to get good at.
Levels consist of wide open yet semi-linear paths through scenic locations. Some focus solely on speeding through the environment while others have you stop for a moment and activate some things in an area before moving forward. Every level is a decent length and there's a good amount of variety between them. Replayability is encouraged through multiple paths, hidden collectibles, and time trials. There's also a few side levels that'll really test your skills.
The graphics are kind of mixed bag. Overall, they're not super detailed and kind of look like they came straight from a PS2 game. It's a well stylized look though and is far from ugly. The environments are especially lovely and have a nice sense of atmosphere. The animation in the cutscenes was definitely not polished though, as things noticeably clipped into each other. This especially gave me a terrible first impression of the game.
As said before, it's a good game to get for cheap. It'll take you about an hour to complete the main story, and there's a healthy amount of optional content to be explored. I'd recommend this game if you enjoy fast-paced stuff with high skill ceilings, like Sonic games.

Interessante Momentum Physik aus der auch teilweise viel rausgeholt wird, jedoch wirkt das ganze Spiel sehr grob und etwas unfertig. Ich würde gerne mehr sehen, da auch nur eine Stunde Spielzeit ohne Challenges leider schon arg wenig finde.

Eu achei que eu fosse curtir mais por ser um jogo focado em momentum, mas porra, achei ultra chato e só fechei foda-se.

Downloaded this game because I wanted to go fast and didn't have Sonic Frontiers. Now I have Sonic Frontiers. Thanks Defunct, I played you for 30 minutes until you crashed trying to load some trees, but those 30 minutes were decent.