Desperados III

released on Jun 16, 2020

The Wild West. A place where the law is made by those with a gun in their hands, and is enforced by the henchmen at their command. A place where death is no stranger and the undertakers are working overtime… especially when people start playing Desperados III. This real-time tactics game, developed by German game studio Mimimi Games (Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun), lets players command a band of Desperados led by fan-favourite gunslinger John Cooper.

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me senti super inteligente zerando esse

if you like strategy,you love this game

I love it when a plan comes together.
I love it even more when multiple characters execute the plan perfectly at the same time.
An immensely rewarding and gratifying stealth experience. I'm not experienced at all in the RTS genre but I was right at home with this. It's like playing Hitman but in multiple dimensions. Wasn't sure what to make of it at first, I wrestled with the camera quite a bit, controlling all the characters at the same time felt overwhelming and busy, but once I got the hang of it I began to really have some rootin' tootin' fun.
This is a game I'll be playing on and off for awhile, perfecting runs, completing challenges, etc. Don't think it's a game I can play all the time for a week straight because some aspects of it do get tiresome.

I picked this game up on humble monthly and thought it would be another game where I would play the tutorial and half of the first level, but to my surprise, I got hooked very quickly.
I am not a great strategy player, but could do all missions without frustration on normal.
I don't know, if normal is the best difficulty for a strategy newbie like me, but it was quite feasible.
Sometimes I found myself in situations where there seemed to be no way forward or back.
Nevertheless, there was always a way out of the situation without having to restart the level.
Timing and patience played the main role.
Try and error and not relying on one tactic over and over was also an important part of my playthrough.
The game has a quicksafereminder. If you haven't made a quicksafe in the past minute, a big quicksafe button will appear in the top part of the screen.
I usually quicksafe a lot in games, but it might come handy to players that are new to playing on a PC.
During the missions there are charming dialogues between the characters from time to time.
This distracts from the fact that they are quite generic apart from that.
The fact that each character has its own abilities (active and passive) also makes for different tactics.
Since each level offers different character combinations, it is also necessary to use each character and thus get to know their abilities.
Simply leaving one character to the left and mastering a complete level with the remaining ones is probably
also possible, but makes no sense apart from a personal challenge.

Played it during a Covid quarantine and fell in love. Great atmosphere, great characters, and tight, well rounded mechanics. Will probably replay at some point if I ever actually catch up on the ever daunting backlog.

This game is currently in the Humble Choice for March 2022. If you are interested in the game and it's before April 5th, 2022, consider picking up the game as part of the current monthly bundle.
A tactical stealth game in the old Wild West.
When I reviewed Partisans 1941 in December 2021, someone mentioned Desperadoes and since then it’s been on my list to look out for. A couple of months later and sure enough Humble delivers. Where Partisans was a combat-focused game, Desperadoes feels like a stealth game, where players are more focused on avoiding direct conflict instead of setting up firefights.
The game also relies on a more movement-based control scheme that works great with a controller rather than an RTS, though it does have a setup if you prefer a control scheme similar to the RTS genre. I had a few minor issues with the control scheme or camera, but it comes down to something I need to practice with a bit more. There’s also a great quick save feature, which shows this game believes in trial and error. It also is a lengthy game, apparently lasting over 20 hours and closer to 60 hours if you try to go for a full completion
Pick this up if you like stealth games or Real-Time Tactical games, apparently that’s a genre I’ve just heard of. If you want a more active but stealth-based version of Partisans this is it, and I swear I’m going to find some time to return to this one because while it is a long game, I enjoyed myself on this one.
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