Detention is a atmospheric horror game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law. Incorporated religious elements based in Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology, the game provided players with unique graphics and gaming experience.

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Extremely tense and scary game with a haunting oppressive atmosphere, excellent scares, thought provoking/challenging subject material and a great complex protagonist, contains imagery that really sticks with you, easy recommendation for any horror fan, very easy to get through didn't get stuck often if at all, pretty short as well


historia mto boa, jogo mto interessante em geral de querer descobrir oq realmente ta acontecendo.

Played in one sitting in the dark with some friends who took it seriously, which was ideal.

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O final me deixou arrasado.

A typhoon...?

This was honestly a short little game with a real heavy and deep storyline attached to it. There was no fighting off enemies, only avoiding them in specific ways depending on which one you encounter. The story goes in depth about personal issues with our characters (mostly the main girl you play as) along with the governmental issues occurring in Taiwan. I found myself always wanting to see what happens next. It has amazing art, an amazing atmosphere, and a very interesting plot. I feel as though I can't explain too much without my review being a spoiler, but I would highly recommend this game to anyone who can deal with a simple point-and-click experience just to enjoy the beautiful story attached to it.

Well. A good horror game, depends on the taste. No jumpscares, but the vibe is enough to give you the serious creeps. The puzzles were medium, not too easy not too hard, not too challenging. Has a good plot, but my girlfriend and i are still troubled over the endings. Also, you got a die.