Dishonored 2

released on Nov 11, 2016

Dishonored 2 is a first-person action video game and the sequel to Dishonored. It borrows many of the gameplay elements from the first opus: players define their own play style by blending action, assassination, stealth, mobility and combat. Combining tools at their disposal, players are allowed options to eliminate enemies, whether they choose to pursue them unseen or ruthlessly attack head on. Dishonored 2 features the same campaign style as its predecessor in which the protagonist must advance through a series of missions.

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I don't think I can name a single thing this game didn't ruin from the first game besides the visuals. A mockery.

As mecânicas evoluiram bastante tornando a jogatina muito mais divertida e fator replay mais aprazível com a adição do New game+ mas a história fico bem fraquinha

(Played before 2023)
I played this game a lot, and I enjoy it. Being able to choose between both characters is super cool and I think the game hasn't some killer levels that are super unique, and I also enjoyed the morality system a little bit more because they did a better job with your targets but the flaws of the original are still there. I recommend doing a low chaos run on Emily, and a high chaos run on Corvo.

like dishonored but 2.
if you liked dishonored 1 you'll probably like this, if you didn't like dishonored 1 this probably won't improve your opinion.
I had a good time with it even if i wish corvo/emily would talk less. worth mentioning that it had some ambitious level concepts that were executed quite well. the clockwork mansion is a particular highlight.

Nearly as good as the first game

One of those types of games where I feel like I've seen everything the game has to offer mechanic wise only a few levels in. I don't care for the story and so far that looks like the only thing pushing me through to complete it
Played as Emily on Medium difficulty to see how she would differ from Corvo in 1 but she has the teleport move too which is fundamentally the same as Corvo's powers in 1 (and when you pick him in this game too I assume).
Gameplay loop is samey, climb up somewhere high. Jump down and knock the guy who's in your way. Teleporting makes it a lot easier but there is a mode they offer to not use it. I didn't go for that this playthrough because I wanted to see what the game had to offer. Honestly, none of the powers were too unique compared to what I remember from Dishonered 1.
Maybe Corvo has new powers or something. Not sure if I'll check any time soon.
Maybe this is the fault for playing on normal difficulty but the AI for the guards is also dumb as bricks. They'll walk by any knocked out guards and not bat an eye. I never even bothered hiding them because of it. Not sure if it was genuinely glitched but with how many times it happened I figured it must be because of the difficulty.
Combat is uninteresting and the only real "challenge" is from trying to get up close to enemies to deal with them.
Not sure if it's a good mechanic if I have to nerf myself to give myself a challenge, it's some Pokemon Nuzlock shit.