DNF Duel

released on Jun 28, 2022

DNF Duel is a 2D fighting game using Dungeon Fighter Online's characters/classes as fighters. Dungeon Fighter Online currently has 16 base characters with over 60 total classes, though there is some overlap between the male and female variations.
It was revealed at the 2020 Dungeon&Fighter Universe Festival in Korea.
It is being developed by Neople, Arc System Works and Eighting.

A date was not announced but It is planned to be a multi-platform release

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Kusoge fighting game through and through, yet lacking the certain magic touch to keep me coming back.

Not exactly the most balanced fighting game I've ever played, but it's quite fun to me.
Only objective thing I can really say about it is that the art style looks great and the sound design's good.

I'm bad with fighting games . but i love the art style

really great art direction and animations, but its really too simple and doesnt have enought staying power for me, still cool asf though

I'm glad this game actually came back. Spectre is pretty fun so far. I was a Hitman main, so I see a lot of similarities in their playstyle.
I feel like people use a lot of hyperbolic language when talking about this game. Saying things like it's one of the worst games ever, or all the characters are overpowered. Honestly though, when everyone is powerful it kinda evens out in my experience. There are also much worse fighting games out there.
It's not exactly newcomer friendly, but if you have experience with something like Dragon Ball Fighterz or UMVC3, it won't be too overwhelming. Both of those games have combos that are probably even more extreme. This game is only 1v1 after all.
Some characters are tough to fight against, but there's always a way to stop their offense. It's not broken, it's just hard. Losing is part of getting better. Don't worry so much about winning. Just try to have fun and learn something new in each match.

At this point, it's kinda hard for me to give this game any praise anymore. It definitely felt like it was promised more support but then was completely dropped for whatever reason.
The game's characters have so much personality even without having names for themselves aside from their class. The animations for every character are honestly sick and some of the best in the business. Also most characters are pretty strong, so you never really feel like you can't win with whoever you choose.
However...maybe every character is just a bit too strong? I don't know what it is exactly, but this game just felt like everyone started doing the best combos immediately within 2 weeks. It just felt like there wasn't enough to dive into. The game is pretty easy and has a low skill floor, but also the ceiling feels pretty low too. Unfortunate really that not even the music feels memorable at any point, because I really would have liked to like the game more.