In Dog's Life you play Jake the puppy, as he explores the USA in an attempt to foil a fiendish plot. Miss Peaches doesn't like dogs, and sees them as a way of making money, by dog-napping Daisy the pedigree dog.

The dog elements are closely integrated into the game - smells are indicated by lines of coloured smoke, emphasising a dog's acute sense of smell. Locating footprints is also done via this Smellovision mode. Tricks can be learnt, and used to win treats from humans.

Jake must explore vast environments and interact with 15 breeds of dog. The aim is to get them onto his side, which is usually done by either having more bones than them, or winning a subgame against them. These are also dog-based - in one you must dig up bones, while another has you 'marking territory' to annex a full screen.

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Okay. The game has a ton of glitches and stuff BUT it’s seriously a hidden gem. It’s super fun and weird and no other game has even come CLOSE to it as far as playing as a dog goes.
I’ve loved this game since I was like 10 and I continue to ruin people’s lives by making them play it.

What other game has dedicated piss and shit button combos?

When I picked this game out the guy at Gamestop told me that it was only meant for 2 year olds. Kinda rude but maybe it was a compliment bc I mustve seemed like a mature 6 year old

SO MUCH FUN. i replayed it in 2019 and it holds up.

This was and always will be the game of all time

É o meu jogo favorito de infância, fazia speedrun dele na PS2 pq n tinha cartão de memória e queria acabar o jogo. Isto tudo pra dizer que me preparei a vida toda pra ter um recorde mundial de 100% do jogo. Enfim, amo este jogo com a minha vida todinha <3 Passei o jogo, na boa, mais de 30 vezes