Doshin the Giant

released on Sep 20, 2002

A remaster of Kyojin no Doshin

Doshin the Giant is a Nintendo god simulation game for the Gamecube. It is an enhanced port of Kyojin no Doshin, a Nintendo 64DD exclusive launch title game released only in Japan.

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Doshin the Giant is is "port" of Kyojin no Doshin (The same name but in Japanese) from the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive. The game is honestly more of a Remake than a port if anything, the game plays quite differently from the original version with some new and removed features.
The main goal of the game is to create a village by helping the islanders by bringing them trees or manipulating the ground for them to build on, but other than that there isn't much else to do or worry about. Sometimes you may have to cope with natural disasters like Fire which happens if there are too many trees but can be put down by walking on it a few times, A Volcano is you are really unlucky and cannot be avoided so say goodbye to your town, and rainfall which only happens on small islands but can be avoided if you are tall enough to touch it.
The end goal of the game is to build all 16 monuments which can be done by mixing around different villagers from different cultures, if there are red and blue villages it will be a village with red and blue cultures so it will have its own unique monument and a mix of blue and red buildings, so the goal is to make all monuments with all 15 color combos.
The game will reward you by either being nice or evil with good or bad points, both fills a bar and whenever you complete it you will grow in size, growing in size helps you walk faster and carry bigger object but it's actually not necessary for anything in the game.
The good and evil balance also serves no purpose, the only thing you can affect is a village if you destroy a monument or kill too many people, they try to make another monument but they'll add a spiked walk to try to keep you away from it with a more "spiked" design to the monument to show their anger but it doesn't change anything, to get the ending you can make either good or bad monuments they do not matters.
The game is really easy to finish and can be finished in under an hour or two if you know what you are doing, a good tip is to avoid making a village next to mountains because they'll start wanting to build houses on the mountains and they have really bad AI, so try to stay on flat ground like lonely islands and such. This game could've been much more if they added more extra maps to play on or some endless mode where the day doesn't end forcing you to come back to the title screen after every end of the day.
Though my biggest complaint about the game would be the walking speed, Doshin is extremely slow, if you are on an emulator do not feel ashamed of using the x2 speed button, you'll need it.
The game is overall a unique take on god games but unfortunately, the game is really unpolished, though it's still easy to have a good time with the game, it just lacks content to replay.

Where did he go. Bring him back

this yellow freak is your god whether you like it or not

☀️ summer in a lil chocolate chip cookie sized disc ☀️

Es ist Doshin the Giant. Dieses Spiel ist voll und ganz ein Kunstwerk, überhaupt nicht wie ein konventionelles Spiel und sehr einzigartig. Sicherlich nicht das beste Spiel, was es je gab, aber für das, was es ist und machen will mag ich es sehr. Habe in meinem Leben wohl kaum etwas gespielt, was so ist wie Doshin the Giant.

Doshin di per sé è un gioco che per com'è costruito non ha problemi o difetti di sorta, funziona nel fare il suo ma rimane comunque un titolo ahimè piuttosto ripetitivo. È divertente il design e le interazioni non tanto con gli esseri umani ma con l'ambiente, mi è piaciuto molto modificarlo e vedere via via come le persone creavano costruzioni. È divertente anche fare il demone e distruggere tutto random, ma va beh, i limiti sono imposti dal suo essere senza obiettivi concreti e senza quindi un termine effettivo