Dragon Age: Origins

released on Nov 03, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins is a third-person role-playing game described as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights franchises. Players create their own character by customizing gender and appearance as well as choosing a race and class. Combat is in real time with the ability to pause at any moment: tactical options include an editor which allows the player to give the AI detailed instructions on how to behave in every possible situation. Although the main storyline is the same for every character created, the game features six unique prologues, two for each race. Dragon Age: Origins received critical acclaim upon release, with praise mostly directed at its story, setting, characters, music and combat system.

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"In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice."

When it comes to debuting a new franchise and a new universe, Dragon Age Origins is one of the best. Ferelden is shown to have so much depth when it comes to its inner tensions between the races within. The Darkspawn are portrayed brilliantly too here and really feel like a big ominous threat that is constantly on your mind. The story is probably the best in the trilogy and really feels like it can be massively affected with the choices you make throughout, especially moments such as the Landsmeet which is absolutely superbly done. As is bioware tradition, its focus on characters helps carry this game too with Alistair, Morrigan and Leliana being some of their best. The combat also requires some decent thought compared to the cover style action of Mass Effect, it is much slower and more methodical here, really the only time it does that in this trilogy. At the same time, the combat isn't perfect and can often feel clunky which can make some of the more annoying fights even worse. Some of the parts during the main quests are also lackluster, even though they are interesting such as the Fade and the Deep Roads, two areas which get better work in the later games. Finally, the game is very buggy especially as it goes later into your playthrough. Ultimately though, Dragon Age Origins is fantastic, a must play rpg and a great beginning to the wonderful dark fantasy world of Thedas

Literally, a perfect roleplaying game, there is so much to do and the story is so Indepth and amazing. DLC's are really fun two. Will remain always one of my favourite games ever

Un juego inspirado, inmersivo y de lore profundo, cuya jugabilidad y sistemas se pueden antojar confusos y abrumadores al inicio para los más novatos del género. Su adaptación en consola resulta muy poco deseable y con mucho margen de mejora.

Janky as hell but the rich storytelling and characters make up for it
Every other Dragon Age game is bloated and high on its own farts, though