Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4

released on Jan 01, 2022

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4

released on Jan 01, 2022

The project tries to update and remodel the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 created by the Spike company with the new content that has appeared from Dragon Ball from 2007 to 2018, trying to be as faithful as possible to what the original creators were trying to achieve. representing the franchise in this frenetic game that simulates the most iconic fights of Anime.

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I'd heard about this a couple years back, a cool mod by the fan community that includes a load of characters from the last decade of new Dragon Ball works, a lot of alternate costumes and new stages, and even brand new story scenarios to muck around in. With all the hype going on atm for the upcoming Sparking Zero, a game I sadly don't have the means to play when it comes out, I figured this would be a solid way of experiencing something similar. And yeah, it is lol

I'm struck by how much effort the folks behind this have put in. They've added combo extenders so you can do some pretty deadly attacks without having to lean on the super attacks, you can do the teleport clashes that were previously exclusive to set points of the story mode, and they've tweaked and changed character's moves! The mad fools somehow managed to include as much music from the Budokai and Tenkaichi series (including their next-gen spin-offs) as possible, which is a degree of dedication that legit shocked me!

This is basically "Tenkaichi 3 but with even more stuff", and I imagine this would be a rad game to go back to every now and again. However, I'm a little tired at the moment, because I foolishly decided not to use the "unlock all characters" cheat code and played through the story mode to unlock most folks the old-fashioned way.

That story mode is basically the one from Tenkaichi 3, though with the what if/special sagas largely replaced by a custom campaign recreating all the major fights from the Dragon Ball Super TV series. It's insane how much work the devs put into this, creating cutscenes in the same style as the og story mode and even isolating the dialogue audio to be used in-game (and in three languages, Spanish, English and Japanese)! However, these battles can get quite long and there aren't as many chances to end them early as other fights, so slavish is the attention to detail that every major line and moment has to be included. Obviously that's the whole appeal behind this kind of retelling, and I wasn't in the mindset to appreciate it cuz I just wanted to unlock more characters and play as them.

This reminded me of an old IGN video review for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 that criticized the need to unlock characters. A bunch of comments slagged off the video for what seemed like a daft critique, but I get why that divide exists. For many players (especially those who only play solo and need an extrinsic reason to keep going with a fighting game), unlocking characters is something they look forward to doing. But for someone who just wants to get to the good stuff as quickly as possible, having to play the game for hours to unlock most of that can become quite tedious. I deffo felt what that IGN reviewer felt all those years ago, and really should've used that aforementioned cheat code.

Still, this was quite cool and I enjoyed being able to see what the fans have been getting up to. I've marking this as "retired" cuz the project is still on-going and I've no clue if there's plans to make more story campaign episodes. There's characters from the "Super Hero" movie to play as, but no corresponding fight in the story mode like there is for the Super TV show and even the 2018 Broli movie.

Much better than I expected, my favorite DB game

Quite simply the greatest 3D arena fighter to this day, and maybe ever. With incredible movement and fights that feel authentic to the show, the combat and mechanics are comprehensive and clever. It is rare for a mod to outperform the original, but I am certain that BT4 does just that.

recontra bien armado el contenido de super, por ahí demasiadas cinemáticas para mi gusto, pero no importa.

Estou rejogando este jogo com um amigo há alguns dias e posso dizer que é facilmente a versão definitiva de Tenkaichi. Eles rebalancearam TUDO, tiraram a pior coisa do Tenkaichi 3, que é a questão do nível de poder no balanceamento (basicamente, Kid Goku não consegue enfrentar um Gogeta SSJ4 por ter menos vida, causar menos dano, etc. Em tese, parece uma boa ideia, mas a longo prazo gera um desequilíbrio em todos os personagens que não sejam os mais fortes na lore, matando a variedade de personagens). Também colocaram o nome das roupas alternativas, facilitando a escolha, adicionaram novos cenários, a saga foi totalmente redublada em inglês, há cutscenes in-game de momentos da franquia e modificação dos HUDs em HD. Esta versão com certeza é a definitiva da franquia e jogar até Gohan Beast é um deleite. Espero muito pelos personagens do Daima e pós-saga Granolla.

Holy shit, I now have BT3's content and combat and I can also have BT2 music playing during the fights? This is like, the best thing ever!